Crystal Castles Liverpool O2 Academy review

Posted on 20 October 2010
By Ash Williams
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After seeing Crystal Castles perform at Latitude it was a given we would do all we could see them inside Liverpool’s O2 Academy, just for the chance to see these guys mad stage antics in front of their core nucleus of fans.

We entered the venue and started to get really excited about this show with all the fanatical Castles fans buzzing about.

The sense of anticipation was unbearable as we all jostled for some arm room up at the front, a very tight squeeze against the barrier was the order of the day.

Crystal Castles came out to a deafening applause and that sparked the mad strobe lights and pyrotechnics which lasted the duration of the show. It was a real shocking light that fit the music perfectly but annoyed the photographers in situ no end.

The band were amazing with such great energy, producing gorgeous electronic sounds that had the crowd going wild and eating from the palm of their hands throughout. The show even included a impromptu group beating of some wooden planks like a primitive drum machine.

Alice Glass and Ethan Kath put on an unbelievable show writhing around on the floor, dressed all in cool black and belting out tunes like Crimewave, Vanished and Courtship Dating with all their might.

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