Creamfields – festival in focus: The Chemical Brothers

Posted on 2 September 2011
By Amber Tan
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The Chemical Brothers have torn up the festival circuit this summer with the unique relentless energy of their bounding beats and party anthems.

The set was slick and even though they’d headlined three other major festivals – Tom and Ed, who met at Manchester Uni, were treating Creamfields as a homecoming show.

The UK’s biggest dance festival welcomed them with open arms and the kind of sensual anticipation that demands you wear your lucky pants.

And The Superstar DJs scored big. Bringing out all their huge hits for a dark set with bone bending bass and turning the crowd into one mammoth, throbbing body.

Their dazzling visuals, which featured a giant LED cylinder showering light on the decks, provided a perfect soaring stimulus to match their uplifting tunes.

You can be assured of your God like status on the decks when you can mix one of your anthems into another one of your own smash hits.

And The Chemical Brothers did this with audacious aplomb splicing Block Rocking Beats with Galvanise.

The crowd was won over as they journeyed through their back catalogue including Star Guitar, Hey Boy Hey Girl and Out of Control.

Photos by Marie Hazlewood/Purple Revolver, Melmif Photos and Marc De Groot