Cream Classical Steel Yard showcases two decades of iconic anthems in Liverpool

Posted on 28 November 2017
By Lydia Judd
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The electrifying combination of classical orchestra and dance music came together as the legendary Cream Classical took over the Steel Yard.

The purpose built 10,000 capacity superstructure took pride of place on Liverpool’s Central Dock ready to the host the second of three epic events, as part of Cream’s 25th birthday celebrations.

Purple Revolver fancied getting in on the action, and we were not left disappointed (just very cold – by the sudden drop in the thermometer!)

But the Great British weather did not dampen Scouse spirits as people arrived donning tiny skirts and shorts, adorned with an abundance of glitter – with glow sticks firmly in hand and huge smiles.

Floods of party-goers were still spilling through the barriers of the entrance, and onto the site three hours after the doors had opened.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced the Steel Yard up until this point – it is difficult to explain the feeling of having such a vast construction greet you on the way in.

It stands in all its metal glory – surrounded by a scattering of portable toilets, pop-up bars and fairground rides simply putting things into perspective.

We were welcomed with the sounds of Sister Bliss showcasing a Faithless DJ set. Her complex and intriguing visuals flickered across the screens pitched high above the crowd.

It felt a little like turning up late to the party – as things were well under-way and people were completely engrossed in the music.

The Steel Yard was packed with people of all ages. With the older generation getting into the groove with the songs they have always known – the soundtrack to their lives, completely indulging their sense of nostalgia.

The younger audience members had come for the songs passed down from this generation – the tunes they were brought up on and had learned to love.

It was this that seemed to set Friday’s event apart from previous Cream events. Bringing people together that normally wouldn’t – through a shared love of music.

By the time the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra took to the stage, spirits were high and the good times were in full swing.

The expansive set-up came to life around 10PM – as the 60 piece orchestra, and guest vocalists, began performing two decades worth of anthems.

They were joined on stage by the curators of the concept – dance duo and former Cream residents K- Klass.

Intricate beams of light and strobes perfectly moved in time with their classical arrangement, as atmospheric smoke filled the temporary venue.

The atmosphere was joyous and continued to build throughout the night towards the crescendo of renditions of iconic tunes such as Faithless’ Insomnia, which sent the Steel Yard into complete euphoria – people were dancing quite literally like no one was watching.

The sounds of brass, percussion and strings bounced off every surface of the structure.

The performance was a kaleidoscopic collision of two of Cream’s most iconic concepts happening right before our eyes and ears. The meeting of two worlds, the mellifluous sounds of the orchestra breathing new life into two decades worth of anthems.

Wrapping up just after midnight – following an encore and cheers from the crowd – it was over as quickly as it had started.

But for many, the night was young. Surges of music-lovers dispersed from the site and onto the surrounding streets – in the hope of catching a taxi.