Cornershop review 02 Academy

Posted on 23 August 2009
By Pierce King, Purple Revolver
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Most music heads could be forgiven for thinking Cornershop have been left out in the wilderness since their number one Brimful Of Asha remix at the hands of Fatboy Slim.

But their live act is a joy to be witnessed and Tjinder Singh and co are no doubt pleased that bands can make more money from touring than record sales at the moment.

Sliding on to the stage one at a time, the eight-piece outfit tore into a funky instrumental, which set the pace for the rest of the show.

A hardcore of loyal fans, who came in after the support act, sang along to every Cornershop number.

No mean feat, considering the Leciester band’s new album Judy Sucks A Lemon for Breakfast was only released last month.

Most people are aware of this band due to the 1998 Brimful Of Asha remix by Norman Cook which stormed to the top of the charts.

But Cornershop are so talented and diverse musically that it was an anti-climax when they played Brimful Of Asha, after leading the audience through a soulful rendition of The Mighty Quinn.

Post-gig we debated whether the Fatboy Slim Brimful Of Asha remix did more harm than good for the band.

It may have earned them a lot of beer money, but they were unfairly pigeon-holed at the time as one hit wonders in the collective subconscious of the nation, which they so brilliantly capture in their lyrics.

Although it was argued that they have always been held in high regard by The Guardian music staff and the likes of Jarvis Cocker. Big deal.

We will leave it up to you to decide if it was detrimental. The sentiments were echoed by the fans in the audience who shouted after Brimful: “That’s great, but your new stuff’s better.”