Clean Cut Kid: Bold Street Coffee Gig Review

Posted on 15 February 2016
By Charlotte Chow
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It’s Friday night, normally a night of ludicrous drunken escapades, but not for those who were lucky enough to get a ticket for ‘Fuzzy’, the second in the series of Clean Cut Kid’s new gig ‘series’ where they bring their electrifying set to their favourite places in Liverpool.

Tonight the setting is one of Liverpool’s most loved coffee houses- Bold Street Coffee.

Yarbo opened up the night with their acoustics and harmonious vibes which had the crowd silent and fully consumed in to their performance. Daniel Pye’s gentle voice drifted through the room accompanied by complimentary backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Next up was I SEE RIVERS, Norway’s answer to The Staves.

Their unique and spell-bounding vocal harmonies have clearly won over the crowd from the very first note. ‘Ba Dum’ is a personal highlight of a mesmerising set for me, a beautiful acclaim, bringing the packed coffee house to rapture.

The coruscating vocals from Eline Brun, Lill Scheie and Gøril Nilsen consorting in the verse creating a truly alluring sound.

Straight through the industry like a blaze, Clean Cut Kid are the buzz band of the moment, and it’s easy to see why.

It felt like tonight was part of a much bigger picture, giving the opportunity to thank those in their hometown for getting them to where they are now, and for when they will undoubtedly be selling out tours.

Breaking from the gentler sounds from the previous two bands, Clean Cut kid took to the stage.

Impossible to move, the crowd huddled together to watch the performance unwrap as they opened with ‘Runaway’, hitting everyone with their indie-electro-pop melodies and boy/girl harmonies.

From this point on we knew this gig was going to be something special.

Clean Cut Kid powered through their perfected and energetic set as passers-by paused to peer in to the stuffed coffee shop. The band ooze passion, character and energy. Front man Mike Halls nails his polished guitar solos and keeps the room bouncing.

After ending with Vitamin C, the crowd were not fully satisfied and cheered on the band for one more song. ‘Jean’, the B-side to ‘Runaway’.

The song has a simple yet effective arrangement and a chorus which had the whole crowd singing along. The song wrapped up what was an incredible night at Bold Street Coffee.

It is clear to see that Clean Cut Kid are definitely ones to watch this year. Catch them spreading their energy on tour with Fickle Friends.

Catch them back in Liverpool on the 11th of March at The Magnet.