Chrome Hoof @ Brighton Corn Exchange review

Posted on 2 November 2010
By Veronika Moore and Harry Moore
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Unconventional in the extreme, Chrome Hoof will leave a long term impression on all who witness them. The ten piece played an impressive range of instruments like space age androids, rocking through their best tracks such as Pronoid, Die Monster! and Tonyte.

Tonight dressed in their uniformed metallic face covering robes, this avant-garde embracing mini orchestra stand tall as a multi-facetted anomaly that straddle many genres, heads faced largely down they fiercely twine elements of disco, prog, funk and occasionally death metal together to form complex sound structures that viciously laugh in the face of convention.

It is Halloween; the night where ghouls, ghosts and otherworldly sprits traditionally come out to play and it is maybe not a night where venturing out into a frost bitten blackness to see a band play is placed high on many peoples agenda.

Yet while many are snuggled up indoors, eyes glued to the gogglebox to find out who the latest evictee from X-factor will be, ten figures are standing on stage in a decadent elongated hall delivering a high energy, precisely played performance that demonstrates why their will always be a need for an alternative to large scale churned out manufactured dross.

Chrome Hoof it is safe to say would leave bewildered expressions on the faces of Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue – though there is a chance that Louis Walsh would probably highly praise them for the sheer crazed outlandishness of it all.

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