Cast in the Cathedral Crypt – Liverpool Sound City review

Posted on 22 May 2011
By Chas Knight
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John Power’s voice was superb – emotive and commanding. As predicted, they went through the classics from All Change, Mother Nature Calls and Magic Hour.

It was remarkable how well the lads looked. Most bands reuniting tend to look haggard and, well, older. Cast looked just as they did back in their heyday of 95-97 and they sounded spectacular.

There were a few tunes from the forthcoming album, which was to be expected, but the crowd never thought for one minute that this gig was merely a promotional stunt, which is testament to the down to earth nature of the band.

It was clear they were there to entertain and have a laugh and show people they were coming up with some new material, which was music to all our ears.

Naturally there was an encore and they finished up with Free Me, which took the roof off and had the entire crowd, which comprised of footie lads, student types and a healthy contingent of MILF’s, hopping and singing away.

Surely for most hometown Sound City revellers Cast was going to be one of the highlights and they didn’t disappoint. A welcome return and good to see them writing and recording new material.