Calvin and Dizzee: Creamfields close-up

Posted on 30 August 2009
By Andy Johnson, Purple Revolver
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Calvin Harris played a relentless set to the Creamfields faithful bursting with energy and raindance fury.

Calvin’s cannon of hits went down a storm in the downpour including Acceptable in the 80s, The Girls, Colours and Merrymaking At My Place got the crowd geared up for his new anthems I’m Not Alone and You Used to Hold Me.

After saying he was going to keep his banter to a minimum – which is a shame as Calvin is a genuine and funny guy – he only made reference to enjoying ‘his final hour of having the number one album.’

When he tore into title track Ready For The Weekend, Purple Revolver ‘flagmobbed’ the crowd again, handing out hundreds of Scottish flags to the screaming fans, which brought a smile to the Dumphries Disco Don’s face.

Post-gig Calvin said he had enjoyed his headline set at the UK’s biggest dance music festival and that the St Andrew’s flags were ‘Oooh. So good.’

Then he retired to his not so inconspicuous tour bus (with his Fly Eye specs image embossed in gold) behind the main stage, where he could hear the festival stealing set from 2ManyDJs.

Bonkers rapper Dizzee Rascal then made his much-anticpated Creamfields debut just as his latest duet with Scottish party beast Calvin hit the top of the charts.

Everybody in the audience was expecting a duet from the Holiday stars and the build-up was almost too much.

Dizzee had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand with early hits Fix Up Look Sharp followed by Flex, Sirens and Where Da Gs? from Maths n English.

But he broke it down after Road Rage from his new album Tongue N Cheek due out in September for an audience noise competition and ridiculed his Mancunian DJ Semtex for trying to call on the Scousers for support.

He said: “What you wanna get the Scousers involved for? And you’re from Manchester anyway Semtex so fuck you.”

At times it sounded like Semtex was relying on bootleg copies of Dizzee’s tunes for the backing tracks and Pussyole (Old Skool) sounded really flat as Dizzee’s lyrical dexterity sent the fans into mean-mugging rapture.

Dizzee and Calvin used their spotlight on the mainstage to prove that they really are the two brightest stars in UK pop music with an ever-growing catalogue of crowd-pleasers between them.

But although the Creamfields masses roared with approval when Calvin bounced on to join Dizzee for Dance Wiv Me, it would have been a better move if he had watched from the sidelines.

Calvin looked like he didn’t want to be there as it became obvious that Semtex hadn’t faded his vocals and that he would have to mime. Image control alert.

This coupled with the fact that he is a clear head and shoulders taller than Diz made him jog off stage and only after the Bonkers rapper encouraged the crowd to chant his name for their new number 1 did he re-emerge.

Still he kept the crowd singing along and amused through Holiday with some bad Dad dancing and waving of arms with pointed fingers at the back of the stage before Dizzee’s monster smash finale of Bonkers complete with explosive confetti cannons.

Dizzee is Britain’s first official hip hop superstar and you should grab the chance to see him live, just hope he gets a chance to rehearse with Calvin before next time.