Black Borough gig review: mesmerising Future Yard Birkenhead in support of Slum Village

Posted on 23 April 2023
By Andy Johnson
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Hell yeah! Did you see Satan skate to work today on a Santa Cruz deck, with ice cold chrome wheels?

Seems logical that the Horn Headed Master of Demonic Acts would be at home on Merseyside at the moment…

Perhaps in charge of hotel bookings over Eurovision, or where the council are sending the cultural spend during the upcoming crooning championship circus.

But what it points to most is that a seismic cultural change of biblical proportions has taken place in Birkenhead.

For what we have just witnessed on stage at Future Yard possessed a pure golden soul of a hip hop gig.

In The One Eyed City, of all the sacred places on Earth to dance with The Devil.

No strangers to Urban degradation, hailing from Detroit – Slum Village danced and grooved their way through a succulent set of late 90s and early 00s tasty tunes.

“What up Beerkenhead!” Sounds strange and amusing in equal measures in their mid-Western accents.

Serving up a slice of warm up rap delight were Black Borough. The self-styled Liverpool supergroup consists of MC Nelson, Starkey and Dayzy.

Each with their own solo act and music, they form together in a Volton style to educate and uplift all who come to sample their musical edification.

The gathering crowd soaked up their lyrics as they danced in mellifluous bars over hypnotic melodies.

Put succinctly. It’s a vibe!

For the uninitiated, the songs to check out from their fresh EP are Numbers Game, Time and Lying Rappers.

When the music takes hold and you close your eyes, Black Borough’s tracks have the power to transport you to another mental plane.

Back in the room, MC Nelson patrols the stage with a presence to match his bass heavy lyrical content. Starkey blesses the beats with a more thoughtful and philosophical tone.

Tonight Dayzy brings an extra raspy quality to his vocal style which evokes feelings of mic maestro Frukwan of the Gravediggaz.

Shout out to Dayzy’s younger brother Tez who was wielding a camera to capture the moment, can’t wait to see that film!

The South Liverpool rap posse are currently ruminating with VideOdyssey Studios, Toxteth to bring a show, a shoot, a hip hop happening to the studio. Stay tuned to Purple Revolver for news.

All in all, Black Borough gave the gathered throng an hour of dope beats and lyrical dexterity to tease the synapses in a most enriching fashion.

Slum Village were true to form and had the now hyped audience singing along to their classics Selfish and Tainted.

Dopeness on Argyle Street, Birkenhead.

This reviewer had seen enough, falling backwards through the rear door, eyes fixed on the surreal dream-like scene – to ensure it was real – I made my way back through the tunnel to Toxteth.

Gotta be safely back through the underpass before Beelzebub seals it up as an incubator for all manner of hellish spawn.

Had you ever travelled downward on a tunnel bus after midnight, you would know of the evil of which we speak!

There is much work to do. No rest for the wicked. See you at the next gig.

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