Beach House – Bloom review

Posted on 14 May 2012
By Matt Barden
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Dream-pop duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand’s fourth album does not deviate far from the winning formula that won them plaudits with Teen Dream.

The child-like simplicity and dreamy sounds are all present in bags on Bloom, creating an almost eerie landscape to escape into.

The album opens with Myth, with Victoria’s vocals calmly guiding us along until exploding into an epic state, then ending just as abruptly as it began.

Bloom fails to live up to the brilliance of Teen Dreams and there are parts of the album where you feel you are listening to tracks that didn’t make that album, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel repetetive at times.

But just as you’re letting the haunting harmonies, tinkling keyboard and reverb-drenched guitars wash over you, Beach House hit you with some standout tracks.

On The Sea is a beautiful number, with the subdues piano beckoning in the vocals, while Wishes and New Year see the Baltimore duo back to their dream-like best.

Bloom won’t blow you away, there are a few moments that remind you how good they can be, but for the most part there is nothing to compete with their work on Teen Dream.

But it is simple and at times beautiful pop music, which will be a welcome addition to the summer collection.