Archean Soundtrack ready to rock Camden Crawl 2011

Posted on 22 April 2011
By Sammy Maine
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Archean Soundtrack are a five piece from London, who describe themselves as alternative rock with a splash of hip hop.

Now, don’t let that scare you off, sometimes these things can work. Just look at how far Chester and his Linkin Park lads got with this genre cocktail.

With influences ranging from Kanye West to Dillinger Escape Plan, their double A Side single was sure to be an interesting listen.

‘Mercurial’ has an instant infectious chorus, with strong vocals leading the way. Craig ‘Hovis’ Mitchell provides spits that are reminiscent of Plan B on a grimey day which merge effortlessly into the ruckous Jay Carter is making on the drums.

Darren Gosling proves that Slayer lead solos are certainly not a thing of the past, as he rawks out on more than one occasion. The song could be the spawn of James Hetfield and Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson. Not sure they’d get on, mind.

‘Reach’ has a much poppier feel, with the guys focusing their attention on their Biffy Clyro side of things.

The instrumentation is darn right lovely, as the drums play with off-beats and clever time signatures, allowing rhythm guitarist Roger Parkins to show off just a smidge. The mixture of rap and traditional vocals work a little better together on this one, as the track tends to stick to a calmer dynamic.

The guys have even made a video to this one, which is just a treat. You can watch it at

The single is out on April 30th, where Archean Soundtrack will also be performing at the Fiddlers Elbow in London as part of the Camden Crawl.

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