Alfie Templeman returns to Norwich’s Waterfront after three years

Posted on 24 October 2022
By Olivia Keer
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Having picked up many musical talents from a young age, Alfie Templeman has certainly had the time to prepare himself for his big breakthrough moment. Using those years to craft his art, riding high after his acclaimed debut album ‘Mellow Moon’ was released in May 2022, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter has fully cemented his position as the teenage icon of his generation. Taking his indie-gold instincts and peerless musicianship a step further, Templeman has set out on his biggest UK tour to date, stopping off at Norwich’s Waterfront.

As the lights dim across the venue and the crowd lit up with excitement, Templeman opens the set with ‘A Western’ sporting an obvious passion for performing. There was a level of excitement radiating from the singer-songwriter that suggested that he couldn’t believe he was on a stage in front of that many people. With the crowd bouncing and singing along to every word, the atmosphere for the night had been set – tonight was going to be a good night.

Since supporting Sports Team back in 2019, Templeman expresses his delight to be back in Norwich. “Big up Norfolk,” he bellows, an exclamation that is met with cheers of admiration before moving on to performing an unreleased song. “I’ll try to remember the lyrics,” he jokes. Despite not knowing the words, the crowds enthusiastic energy did not falter; appreciating the positive reception, Templeman emphasises how much it meant to him: “Thank you! Thank God you all liked it.”

The typically genre-shifting set features sharp rhythm sections on tracks like ‘Wait, I Lied’ and ‘Things I Thought Were Mine’ whereas the highlight of the night, due to its darker, jazzy vibe mixed with clarity on the drums and soaring guitars belongs to ‘Leaving Today’. The ethereal, groovy track creates an enchantment and hypnotises the crowd, especially with its instrumental opener, and is delivered with the confidence of a band that’s going from strength to strength.

Never taking his life or those working for him for granted, Templeman introduces his entire crew, making sure to thank them for all their hard work. It’s refreshing. To see such a young artist acknowledging these things and be so appreciative of those around him, especially after a time when touring crews were unable to make ends meet during the pandemic, is something many within the industry can learn from. As he continued making his rounds of thanks, special acknowledgements were saved for drummer Adam Philip, who was celebrating his birthday. Encouraging the crowd to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, Templeman ensured that Philip received as much love as he himself was receiving from the adoring crowd.

Preparing for the encore, the room floods with the traditional chant of “one more song,”; as Templeman is welcomed back to the stage with open arms, ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ brings the night to a close. The bolt of infectious escapism, powered by shuffling beats and squelchy synths sums up the mood of the evening as the sunshine-studded number lifts everyone out of their pre-winter funk. Savouring the shows final moments, the tracks shout-along chorus, which is fit for festival crowds, matches the energy of the room as the show draws to a pleasant end.

With a strong ability to engage an audience, Alfie Templeman’s stage presence is next to none. It’s clear to see how the young star thrives whilst performing, how his enthusiasm is reflected in the crowds, and it’s youthfully effervescent and effortlessly entertaining. Relishing in the uplifting atmosphere from the gig, fans leave the venue overly giddy, smiles plastered on their faces, and there’s no doubt everyone is already eagerly awaiting his return.