Album Review: We The Kings – Smile Kid

Posted on 25 March 2010
By Danny Keightley
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Songs to make a kid smile…I’m feeling very left out here, guys. C’mon, give me something to smile about! Okay, I’ll have to admit the song titled In-N-Out (Animal Style) made me chuckle a bit..

The Florida quartet’s second full length offering is undoubtedly a summer soundtrack — I mean, look at the front cover. It boisterously screams ‘beach party, dude!’ Having said that, there’s nothing particularly ‘dude’ about this album.

Vocalist, Travis Clark peppers Hunter Thomsen’s polished pop-punk riffs with lyrics that only the pubescent could ever buy into. Most of the tracks on display here are anthems for lovesick teenagers, demonstrating the sickly and familiar with a voice capable of making hearts melt, whislt others cringe.

It really depends if you buy into Travis’ world of rainbows, hand holding, love making, and high school crushes. If only, huh? Ugh, enough with your cheesy optimism already! We want to see some balls! Well, not literally. But you know.

Opening track She Takes Me High is chock-full of ‘do do do do dooo’s’, and head-bobbing riffage, yet like the majority of songs on display here, they’re the musical equivalent to the common cold; slightly infectious, yet piss off after a short while — in short, they’re nothing to call doctor about.

There are, however some great moments amidst the filler: The Story of your Life is surefire to cheer up the grouchiest of listeners. Ahem. And We’ll Be A Dream (featuring the Disney star, Demi Lovato) is cutesy enough to be a guilty pleasure.

Whilst most bands will aim their music to the public with a scatter gun, hoping to infect as many listeners as possible, WTK have pin-point accuracy in their aiming. With a support slot to big brothers You Me At Six on their UK tour, we’re sure they’ll feel right at home.