Album Review: Boe Weaver

Posted on 19 March 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Boe Weaver’s self titled debut is nine heavily instrumental tracks of 60’s b-movie psychedelia sublimity.

If background music is your bag, and you delight in creating disturbed atmospheric soundtracks to the mundanity of everyday life, then this is the album for you.

Opening track Deadpan is a dramatic unleashing of cutesy tribalist chantings, dreamy swung chords, thumping drums and slightly melancholic wanderings through the soundtracks of obscure 70’s horror movies.

The rest of the album rests upon similar referencing of ghoulish gore spattered sounds, reminiscent of shotgun toting go-go girls, town blazing awol sheriffs and small towns under the fucked up supremacy of the supernatural and the absurdly horrific, all held under a reign of the kitsch and the damn right groovy.

Manhunt Part 2, Monster Maker and I Think You Two Should Leave take the mantel of such a sound and push it to it’s farthest corners – fervent, feverish and driven by an unspoken narrative, listening to them is escapism in it’s purest form. Unleashing a plethora of organ, drums, and raw scuzzy guitars, they’re unflinchingly fiendish and arcanely sexy examples of what Boe Weaver have to offer.

In short this album is a must for fans of Ennio Morricone and Goblin scores, horror movie enthusiasts and those who enjoy hiding from their jobs beneath a pair of louder than sin headphones, imagining a zombie attack devouring the brains of that bozo of an area manager in the booth opposite them.

Get dark, get funky, get a monster crush for escapism and get onto Boe Weaver. You wont want to get cerebrally fucked by anyone else after hearing them, and that’s a promise.

Boe Weaver’s self titled debut album is released March 22nd. Buy it on CD here:

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