3oh!3 tour hits Nottingham – review & pictures

Posted on 2 June 2011
By Tina Bass & Lara Leon-Cullen
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3oh!3 opened with Starstrukk (the song they made famous with Katy Perry)and the entire audience began making the 30h!3 gesture.

This consists of the thumb and index fingers of each hand joined together to create an ‘o’ and then the three fingers either side are upright – it became a very familiar sight throughout the gig, like some strange futuristic cult.

Nat and Sean bounced all over the stage, thrusting and grinding as they went with each move of the pelvis getting massive screams of delirium from the predominantly young female crowd.

With the whirlwind of energy they created it was impossible not to get pulled in. Considering the intensity of their fan-base it was a big surprise that they hadn’t managed to sell out the Nottingham Rock City venue.

There are more pictures available – click the link to the gallery under the photos here >>>

The crowd were in absolute adoration of the band – they could do no wrong, even when they messed up some of the lyrics to My First Kiss they simply promised the crowd that they would work harder and ensure that everyone had a really fun night. And without a doubt that is exactly what they did.

Support came from new kid on the block, the name on everyone’s lips, Hyro Da Hero. He delivered a blend of rock and hip hop – imagine an amalgamation of Dizzee Rascal, Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine and you have a good idea of what he creates.

Unfortunately, as is the fate of most opening acts, Rock City was practically empty when Hyro Da Hero took to the stage. He started with Man In My City and as his set progressed the place began to fill.

Hyro engaged the crowd in a mass middle finger salute for Fuck You as the adrenaline started pumping. This guy is phenomenal live and is definitely one to watch out for.