3 Doors Down – Time Of My Life review

Posted on 18 July 2011
By Andrew Marr
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Recent success has seen 3 doors down flung further into the mainstream with the commercial success of their hit Here Without You, capturing the hearts and ears of teens everywhere.

However Time Of My Life is a rock album, make no mistakes.

The US export return to their American rock roots, rocking around enough to make The Boss proud.

The opening track Time Of My Life showcases the bands intentions to return to a less polished style. Guitar riffs and effects blazing out as Brad Arnold’s voice cries out with a powerful chorus.

Fans of the aforementioned Here Without You, will not be disappointed by the ballad Back To Me.

Arnold’s vocal melodies are matched with a mid-tempo beat although not as powerful as Here Without You, it is still effective.

Radio friendly hard rock and blitzing rock ballads make up the core of the album, and although it lends the album to being some what repetitive, 3 Doors Down do both very well.

If your looking for American road trip music you’ve found it, this album will give your summer all the Americana it needs.

Time Of My Life is released on 19th July 2011.