18 Months – ‘Only Now’ Review

Posted on 12 August 2016
By Ollie Rankine
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18 Months – ‘Only Now’ (Track Review)

Since the dawn of the decade, emo music’s days have certainly been numbered.

Although the eyeliner-wearing hero’s of the noughties placed the genre firmly at the centre of mainstream attention, popularity and demand quickly diminished sparking a definitive wipe out of emo artists – most notably, My Chemical Romance.

Perhaps embarking on a quest to lead some sort of emo revival, Liverpool based band, 18 Months look to pull emo right out of the grave with recent track, ‘Only Now’.

Opening with a delicate piano section, ‘Only Now’ immediately plunges into charted waters with a textbook emo guitar riff.

The piano returns but this time accompanied by the overlying, confessional vocal that remains consistent throughout but fluctuating in intensity.

The percussion introduces each section of the song with suitably intricate drum fills whilst the guitar provides ‘Only Now’ with its undeniable drive.

Although ‘Only Now’ lacks a degree sonic diversity due to the minimal progression and absence of any real melodic change, the foundations look certainly to be in formation and will hopefully lead to the making of the necessary refinements.