UK’s first Questival is back: Wildfire Adventure Camp

Posted on 30 March 2016
By Khyle Deen
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2015 saw the creation of a new genre of festival, as Wildfire Adventure Camp came to prominence as the world’s first “Questival” at a secret location in the south of England.

Word spread like wildfire and all 500 tickets sold out quickly as a fearless band of like-minded souls shunned the trappings of everyday life to participate in a series of communal activities that tested their strength and character and challenged their mental resources.

17th – 19th JUNE 2016



Set in a stunning forest location, Wildfire is a 1950’s style adventure camp by day, where leaders will encourage campers to take part in a huge array of activities across the site. This ‘Questival’ requires you to leave your modern day lifelines at the door (no electronic devices allowed, not even cameras), with a focus on immersing yourself in sunny days of fulfilment. Revellers will be lead by camp leaders and a spectacular show team for a weekend of immersive theatre, music and adventure. As darkness falls and the sun goes down, Wildfire is transformed into a hedonistic utopia of rich music and unabashed revelry as the team behind LeeFest curate a diverse music programme.

This trailblazing event captured the hearts and minds of the media who dubbed Camp Wildfire as the ‘Worlds first questival’ and the ‘Ultimate digital detox’

In a festival landscape that’s packed with events doing the same thing, booking the same bands, and providing the same experience, it’s a rare, new event. Festival utopia! – VICE

Now back for 2016, Wildfire Adventure Camp can reveal the first array of activities programmed for this year’s event – including:

Knots // Fire Lighting // Bivouac Building // Trap Setting // Survival Techniques

Rambling // Treasure Hunts // Horse Riding // Adventuring

Health & Wellbeing
Massage // Sauna Building // Hot Tubs // Naked Tea Tent // Mindfulness // Cupid’s Club

Adventure Sports
Cycling // Raft Building // Archery // Knife Throwing // Circus Skills // Climbing // Sword-Fighting // Yoga // Paddle Boarding // Tug Of War // Slipslide // Crazy Golf // Cycling

Science & Engineering
Astronomy // Rocket Building // First Aid // Catapults // Bee Keeping // Photography // Radio

Screen Printing // Life Drawing // Watercolouring // Acrylic Painting // Knitting // Paper Craft // Mask Making // Nipple Tassle Making

Many more activities will be revealed shortly including the brand new for 2016 Puzzle Arena!

Expect the unexpected as Wildfire Adventure Camp returns to reclaim that feeling of being human, reinventing the concept of what a festival can be and embracing fellow explorers to join them on a weekend of adventure that escapes the 21st century world.

Join the movement, embrace the curious.

Eager-Beaver Weekend Tickets (including all that you’ve seen above) remain available for a limited time only from £146.30