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Posted on 4 March 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Splash! Off-kilter rap duo MONGRELS drop first track from forthcoming long player in the form of ‘FULL MOON / HALF MOON’. Riding over some highly infectious, bass laden drums, courtesy of (DJ) Benjamin, (MC) Kid Acne lets loose on the mic, inimitably connecting dots between a wide range of pop culture references, from Crucial FM and Phantom of the Paradise, to The Cremaster Cycle and Valhalla Rising.

Somehow it all makes sense, particularly talk of vanished civilisations, space-time continuum and the Antikythera Mechanism. Anyone familiar with the UK veteran’s visual work may notice a cohesiveness between his lyrics and the ‘universe’ his Street Art inhabits, perhaps hinting towards an overall theme for the long awaited debut, ‘ATTACK THE MONOLITH’ due for imminent release.

“For me, it’s about presenting imagery and narrative, whether that’s in a rhyme on a record or a painting on a wall – it makes no odds. It’s all part of the same picture. As an artist, MONGRELS is the perfect outlet for bringing the visual and audio elements together in a meaningful way.”

The digital single comes with two bonus beats – ‘HALF MOON’, a stripped back dub version + ‘FULL MOON (Part 2)’ featuring alternative lyrics and a welcome guest appearance from fellow East Midlands’ MC, ScorZayZee (who recently commissioned Kid Acne to design his own album sleeve, ‘AEON: PEACE TO THE PUZZLE’).

‘ATTACK THE MONOLITH’ by MONGRELS will be released on May 6th. The twelve track album features honorary member and New Kingdom alumni, Sebastian Laws plus cameos from UK heavyweights Juice Aleem (New Flesh) and Lord Rao (Strange U). Hold tight!

Track List
1. FULL MOON / HALF MOON (Radio Edit)
2. HALF MOON (Dub)
3. FULL MOON (Part 2) feat. Scorzayzee

Written and recorded by MONGRELS
Beats and scratches by Benjamin
Lyrics by Kid Acne and Scorzayzee

Listen to FULL MOON / HALF MOON on Soundcloud here:
Buy from the Invisible Spies BandCamp here: