Swedish artist Marlene releases new single All I Want

Posted on 20 June 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Since the hyped debut in 2014, Marlene has toured in Sweden, England and the United States with highly appreciated and acclaimed live shows.

In Sweden, she and Silvana Imam dominated the scene at P3 Guld with the song För Evigt. Marlene became known to an even wider international audience as legend Giorgio Moroder did his version of Marlene’s song I Do This For You on his album Déjà Vu. The album got placed #1 on the electronic/dance Billboard chart.

Marlene’s long-awaited new single All I Want is an uplifting, curious and confident summery hit. The song awakens the listener to a soft new morning with warm city sounds outside the window only to take you to the crispy beat of the night’s elated dance floor in just 3.5 minutes. The powerful yet dulcet vocal delivery throughout the piece is comparable to that of Tori Kelly. The synthesizers create a modern pop vibe with a slight R&B hint, similar to arrangement from Alessia Cara. All I Want is produced by the duo Humble & Blisse and Nisj (Producer of the year, Swedish Grammy 2016) and written by Marlene together with Best Fit Recordings’ artist called Ji Nilsson.

To find partnerships that are energizing and uncompromisingly creative has been among the most important steps for Marlene in the process of writing new music: “It is so tremendously important that the partnerships gives strength and energy to the project. I do not care if I’m working with a well-known producer or someone completely unknown. The main thing is that the creative process is fun. That is when I can perform at my best and you will clearly hear that good vibe in the music”

“It has been two very exciting years for me. I have never felt so at ease with everything in my life as I do now, “says Marlene, who is back with a clear intent: “I feel closer to my true self than ever before. I am my own and it’s my own expression you hear.” Her obvious and relaxed attitude also permeates the flirty new single.

All I Want will be released on the 14th June.

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