Prides talk to Original Penguin on why the 1980s inspired them

Posted on 7 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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One of the most exciting outfits on the scene at the moment, Prides are fast becoming a trio to be reckoned with, transcending blog buzz and making justified waves in the pop world.

Effortlessly anthemic and honed over time, the trio’s sound seamlessly aligns with the #PluggedIn60 ethos, harnessing originality and bringing a fresh take on electronic pop.

The three piece have crafted one of the year’s most resonant releases with debut album ‘The Long Way Up’ finding the perfect balance between grandiosity and introspection, filled with future hits that don’t lack in emotion from the gargantuan ‘Messiah’ through to breakthrough smash ‘Out of the Blue’.

Currently in the midst of a massive UK Tour, the trio spoke to Original Penguin for the #PluggedIn60 series, discussing the importance of the 1980’s had on their sound and the influence of the decade on them personally.

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