My Chemical Romance tour – UK fans teased by cryptic video

Posted on 10 January 2020
By Danielle Wilson
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Emo legends My Chemical Romance are teasing UK fans with cryptic videos and images after their groundbreaking return late last year.

The quartet broke numerous records at their reunion show in Los Angeles in December, and now may be hinting a UK tour.

Tickets for the resurrected band’s show sold out in no time, and the concert grossed in at nearly $1.5 million.

The video on their social media, only 12 seconds long includes numerous symbols, including the Union Jack flag.

Fans across Twitter and Facebook have been deciphering the cryptic message using different types of symbolism.

Some claim that the symbols from the Theban alphabet (also known as the Witch’s Alphabet) translate into June 2020, and the rumours don’t stop there.

A symbol of a tower or castle is a major piece pointed out by lovers of the band, with two major UK festivals taking place near these structures.

Although, some theorise that the image of the castle, as well as images of a dagger and a wand could correlate to tarot cards with the same imagery. With the numbers of these tarot cards linking up to a specific weekend in June.

Many think that the clip hints at the band performing at Download Festival, when others speculate that it could be an arena tour, or even a headline spot at Glastonbury.

The speculations have drove fans wild over a variety of social media sites. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have been taken over by memes and questions surrounding a UK return of the Rock giants from New Jersey.

Claims and deciphers aside, all we know is My Chemical Romance are returning, and what they are planning will be monumental for their UK fans.

My Chemical Romance are due to embark on a tour of festivals around Australia, New Zealand and Japan later this year.