Liverpool’s Disco Festival celebrates 30 years of the Southport Weekender at The Baltic Triangle

Posted on 10 May 2017
By Alison Wall
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Celebrating 30 years of Southport Weekender, Liverpool’s Disco Festival was held at The Baltic Triangle on Saturday 6th May. Situated across three warehouses, Camp & Furnace, Constellations and Hangar 34, each one had their own distinctive vibe from live disco acts to a traditional 70’s party.
Forget your techno, top of the charts music because disco is in.

Liverpool’s Disco Festival is like entering another world. It’s one of those places where it is socially acceptable to be drunk by 3pm. There were queues from the get go with a booming atmosphere the instant you arrived. You can’t go five seconds without seeing someone whose face is covered in glitter. Almost as if it’s part of the conditions. It’s one of those great places where you can fully express yourself. Whether that be through your clothing, make-up, dance moves or all three. People came ready for a good night in drastic, over the top outfits and a face covered in bright coloured paint.

The disco festival has a legendary status for live acts and DJ’s, and once again it lived up to their standard. Finishing at midnight, Camp & Furnace held a spectacular night featuring Glitterbox, disco and house music from Ibiza with a full production and dancers. The atmosphere was incredible with a nonstop energy buzzing throughout the whole night. People travelled from all over for a night they’d never forget.

Constellations and Hangar 34 featured a range of soul, boogie, jazz-funk and more. The party lasted all night with after parties going on until 6am. After midnight, Constellations hosted a ghetto disco with Hangar 34 playing underground house and disco until sunrise. Following such a successful night, next year’s will be one you don’t want to miss!