LIMF festival: Party in Sefton Park 2017 Sunday in review

Posted on 24 July 2017
By Team Purple Revolver
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The Liverpool International Music Festival 2017 saw its final day out with a huge party with various acts including Becky Hill, JP Cooper, Cast and Corinne Bailey Rae. Both the audience and the artists thrived off the warming sun after a morning of torrential rain and enjoyed a perfect party in Sefton Park.

After it’s fifth year, LIMF saw more than 60,000 people hit the parkland to enjoy the summer vibes in the city.

The Main Stage had a lot to live up to after spectators were electrified by Saturday’s lineup of Naughty Boy, who delivered a booming performance with not one but two drum-sets, Fleur East, with her exhilarating afro-hair and constant energy, Jax Jones, who delivered a psych DJ set mixing the classics from the naughties and from today, and headliners Gorgon City, who quite literally performed with a bang.

Did they live up to Saturday? Yes!

Becky Hill caused the crowd to rave with her new songs from her new EP Echo, and finishing with her number one hit ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’. The energy injected into the set performed by Hill was incredible, despite her revealing she had only arrived five minutes before her stage time due to missing two trains, revealing that she only had time for a toilet break and a quick freshen up before jumping round the stage.

Corinne Bailey Rae got the crowd going wild whilst Kate Nash had the crowd bouncing for her 2008 hit ‘Foundations’.

Corinne Bailey Rae made a phenomenal comeback when she hit the LIMF main stage on Sunday, blending old classics with fresh new songs ready to hit the charts. Her quirky sound, combined with her quirky yet summery pink jumpsuit, created a unique and unforgettable experience for the audience.

The crowd clearly fed off her endless energy. Whilst enjoying being back on stage in Liverpool, Corinne Bailey Rae played her classic song ‘Put Your Records On’ which sent the crowd insane.

Every member of the audience, young or old, danced and sang along to the classic as if it were a new release.

Sunday’s weather was unpredictable—torrential downpours in the morning and sun rays in the afternoon. Despite the dismal weather, Liverpool was out in force to support artists that many have grown to love over the years.

The crowd didn’t disappoint either. They were chanting and dancing to some of the artists’ greatest hits, to which the artists themselves where greatly humbled by.

Across the weekend, artists performed on the Main Stage with other local artists performing on the itsLiverpool stage and the Liverpool Academy and DJ stage, proving that LIMF celebrates both international and national talent from within the city.

After a day of talent at the itsLiverpool stage, LIMF has yet again shown what makes this city so special. No Fakin DJs blessed us with their explosive lyrical acts, positive energy and their old-school classic tunes.

Showcasing NuTribe, who are probably the “coolest trio in Liverpool”, No Fakin decided to deliver a unique collaboration to flaunt their hip-hop style and vibrant stage presence that kept the spirits high.

Speaking to Lois, the gang had not seen each other in five weeks however, their bromance was clearly not affected from their time apart.

We caught up with them after their performance and asked them a few questions:

PR: Who has got the best dance moves?

NF: We are one dancer. We are like a spider, we just have loads of legs and limbs.

PR: Do guys have any other gigs coming up?

NF: Future Bubblers in Constellations on the 19th August which is a free whole day event to showcase up and coming artists. There will be crafts, food and all other stuff going on!

The closing party featuring Slick Rick and a whole array of hip hop heroes rocked the Palm House til the early hours… check out our review

LIMF 2017 surely highlighted the multicultural nature of Liverpool whilst celebrating local groups as well as national names. LIMF is back next year on the 20-22nd of July for a even bigger and better festival. Purple Revolver can’t wait!

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Edited by- Ellie Gregory. Reported by Ben Harding and Lois Warrington.