LIMF 2017 artist interview: Jo Mary

Posted on 28 July 2017
By Lois Warrington
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In the midst of the Sunday sunshine, kicking up a fuss and causing a scene were Jo Mary who were supposably on their best behaviour, they said.

The Wirral lads undoubtedly baked in talent and rising to become one of Merseyside’s most talked about bands even with having barely any songs on the internet (yet).

Known for their visually expressive performances, original sound and having more characters than a Dickens novel – We caught Jo Mary for a quick chat after their set.

PR: How did your performance go?

Ashley: Terrible. No, it went pretty good actually. We were told to be on our best behaviour so we had to keep our boxies on today.

PR: Is there anyone that you are excited to see today?

Ashley: Dr Dre… Slick Rick.

PR: Have you guys got any gigs coming up?

Sam: Yeah in Gallaghers, 12th of August.

Ashley: In our hometown ‘Jerkenbed’.

Mike: Get a bit of that!

Ashley: Got loads coming up really; the 12th, the 14th, the 26th but there will be more because they’re just hitting left, right and centre at the minute.

PR: Have you guys got any new tracks coming out?

Ashley: Just done our second EP in the Motor Museum with James Mellor,

PR: And where can we find that?

Ashley: Spotify! That is where it’ll be available for streaming, we are just waiting for it to get mastered in Germany.

PR: Will you guys be playing here again next year and if so will there be more nipples?

Ashley: If they invite us back! If you come to the gig at Gallagher’s then you’ll see ball bags!

Thanks to Jo Mary for chatting to us.

Join Jo Mary at their next gig at Gallagher’s Birkenhead!