LIMF 2017 artist interview: Garry Christian of The Christians

Posted on 28 July 2017
By Lois Warrington
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The crowd rushed to the front of the stage this past weekend at LIMF, in preparation for 80s legends, The Christians.

In our chat, the humble and uplifting frontman Garry Christian, spoke about how performing in Liverpool on a smaller stage, will always be his favourite type of performance.

The band sung the famous “Here Comes The Sun” with support from the fans as we all looked at each other with a happiness only a northerner feels if it hasn’t rained for more than 30 minutes.

Magical and marvellous guitarist Joey Ankrah whose soulful vocals left the crowd speechless. Another great group who make us very proud to be from Liverpool.

We had the pleasure to speak with Garry after his performance to discuss all things Liverpool.

PR: What is good about meeting is that you love Liverpool just as much as I do. What is your favourite part of Liverpool? What is it you love the most? About Liverpool?

Garry: There are so many great points about Liverpool, people for one. Kinda like, they’re just out for fun, in Liverpool when I was growing up, it was a little bit down on its luck but now it’s growing and it’s becoming an international city, rather than this town on the west coast of England. That’s what I’m happy about.

PR: Have you done many gigs in Liverpool?

Garry: Every year we tend to do one in the Palm House around Christmas time or the Philharmonic Hall. We have a tour at the end of this year with Midge Ure and Altered Images in the Philharmonic Hall, it’s a triple header!

PR: Ah cool, when is that?

Garry: You would have to look on our website,

PR: Have you played at LIMF before?

Garry: Ah yeah 3 years ago, we were on that bigger bigger stage though. What they’ve done this year is changed it around. They’ve put all the pop music over on one side. It was a good crowd here, bit sparse when we started, but then the sun came out and we all started crying.

PR: We’ve got a funny question for you, so we have seen that you’ve performed with Paul McCartney, was it the real one or the fake one?

Garry: I don’t think there is a fake one, he didn’t die in 1966. Yeah it was Paul McCartney, I’ve met Paul a couple of times like.

PR: Will you guys be playing here again next year?

Garry: Well if we are asked you know, we are a bit like sluts, we will do whatever really.

Big thanks again to The Christians for chatting to us!