Bury Tomorrow discuss their passions for the Dr Martens Stand For Something Tour

Posted on 10 December 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Forming in 2006, Bury Tomorrow have gone on to become the leading light in the UK Metalcore scene, revered and acclaimed equally for their expansive studio albums and immense live presence.

With the raw vocals of frontman Daniel Winter-Bates and their distinct heavy sound, Bury Tomorrow constantly evolve and expand in scope. With new album ‘Earthbound’ on the horizon the next chapter of their career is sure to be colossal. The band stopped off to headline the London date of the Dr Martens Stand For Something Tour in the tiny confines of Camden’s Our Black Heart and here they whip the crowd into a frenzy for an impassioned performance of their new album’s raging title track.

 “Equality, on a grand scale through race, religion, gender, sexuality. On a smaller scale, tearing down the boundaries and barriers of being in a band and our relationship with our fans: nobody in a position of fame is better than anyone else. We are just lucky.”