Bipolar Sunshine hit the States for the first time at SXSW

Posted on 17 April 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Bipolar Sunshine have taken to America to expand their fan base and to get themselves ready for the festival season.

With festival season upon us, bands are taking to the road, touring to different cities to introduce new music and new projects to a wider audience.

Bipolar Sunshine is the stage name of the singer Adio Marchant, the former co-vocalist of band Kid British.

Bipolar Sunshine have recently played some gigs in America, which will be the first time that he will have performed in the country.

The singer posted a video documenting his performance at the arts festival SXSW in Texas where he explained his excitement about playing in the states.

‘It’s wild to be out here.’

It’s a big deal for any British band to tour it in America so the singer was understandably nervous and excited about playing to the new crowds.

Shots in the video show Adio in action, singing on stage to massive groups of people and meeting fans, showing that the appearance was a success.

He hasn’t forgotten his roots though,

‘It’s nice to be flying the flag for Manchester’

There seemed to be a great reaction from the crowd, with people dancing along and some already knowing the words to some of the songs.

We also get to see Jazz Purple, the producer and guitarist for Bipolar Sunshine, who talks about his experience in America.

He talks about how he thinks Bipolar Sunshine is a new experience for some people in America, that he feels this band is bringing them something different.

‘It’s 2014, people are expecting new, cool things.’

Bipolar Sunshine will be touring the UK later on this year, staring with Sound City here in Liverpool on May 2nd.
You can watch the short documentary of the band’s appearance in America here.