9 Festival beauty trends that are here to stay

Posted on 27 June 2018
By Summer Gedall
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Each year, the UK plays host to a multitude of impressive festivals all across the country.

Whether you’re a fan of Indie rock, heavy metal and blues or if Pop, R & B and hip hop is more your thing, there’s an event for everyone. In recent years as drum and bass, baseline and house music has grown in popularity – even more festivals have been added to the lineup!

With more and more festivals cropping up everywhere we look, it’s only natural that new, innovative trends are making their debut too.

With this years festival season well underway, Purple Revolver reveal 9 of the best beauty trends us brits have brought to the scene.

1.) holographic eyes – Holographic eyes are quickly becoming a classic festival look because they stand out day and night and add a bit of excitement to the simple cut crease.

2.) face and body gems – These little gems are being sold widely on the high street over festival season. They are cheap, easy to apply, and create the perfect glamorous vibe.

3.) glitter roots – People are reclaiming their roots this year. And it’s cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers! Sprinkling a bit of glitter on your hair parting is sure to add some sparkle to your hair do.

4.) bold highlighter – People are obsessed with a glowy, bold highlight this festival season. Dabbing some silver highlight onto areas where the light hits your face can transform a simple makeup style into a glowing masterpiece. Make your cheekbones stand out and shine bright like a diamond!

5.) semi permanent makeup – When you spend the weekend at a camping festival, chances are that applying makeup will be a challenge. But with great packages on Semi permanent makeup in Liverpool and Widnes – such as eyelash tinting and HD brows are the ultimate solution. It won’t run off in the rain, it looks amazing and on top of that, you can save some space in your makeup bag!

6.) colourful wigs – Inspired by celebrities, the colourful wig look has only just entered the festival scene. Fluorescent pinks, greens and yellows seem to be the most popular and steal the most attention.

7.) flares – People are layering netted flare style trousers over colourful hot pants – a modern twist on the classic 70’s trend. Recycled fashion is always a treat, its both expressive and nostalgic and it ties generations together.

8.) Adidas tracksuits – Its no surprise that the iconic brand is making a huge comeback just as the retro and vintage trend is reaching its peak. A popular look for girls at festivals this year is to team oversized tracksuit bottoms with a plain crop top. Another look recycled from the past, but proving to be popular now!

9.) Platform trainers –Wearing heels to a festival is pretty much unheard of so what better way to add a bit of height to your look than by wearing trainers with some added ‘soul’! Most brands and high street shops are offering platformed trainers at the moment but the most popular brand seems to be Fila’s. If you’re after something with a bit more edge than classic festival wellies – trainers are the way to go.