The return of Top Boy: a sneak peek at the latest season coming back to Netflix

Posted on 3 February 2022
By Tess Penman
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Drake has done a lot for the UK music scene, skyrocketing Santan Dave to stardom by remixing his ‘Wanna Know’ single, and featuring Giggs on the fan favourite KMT, to name a few.

Although something he’s really benefitted British culture by doing is paying out of his own pocket to bring back gangster show Top Boy.

Fans of the original Top Boy were mortified when it was cancelled due to poor ratings and begged the producers to bring it back.

The great thing about the reboot was how the beloved Ashley Walters and Kano duo remained the focal point of the show and the infamous Summerhouse estate, in London, was once again on our screens.

Despite being produced by Drake, the biggest rapper in the world, and filmed for Netflix. Viewers were surprised to see the roles going to inexperienced actors.

The first season, which came to Netflix in 2019, received critical acclaim. But critics were hesitant that the new hype would be short lived.

Michael Ward received the Rising Star BAFTA award for his performance as Jamie. The Romford raised talent is now one of the biggest prospects in the acting world, working with Steve McQueen and Oscar winning Olivia Colman.

Jasmine Jobson also became BAFTA nominated for her role as Jaq, and even went on to star in BBC’s acclaimed Noughts and Crosses.

Her West London upbringing isn’t so far removed from Summerhouse; she spent time in foster care and was no stranger to social services.

Against all odds, the 26-year-old is a BAFTA nominee and is an emerging talent in the film industry.

Her breakthrough is credited to casting director, Des Hamilton, who plucks talent with no acting experience.

The cast has be praised for its diversity and being an accurate representation of London and it’s rich Caribbean and African culture.

The show depicts the darker side of the Capital and sheds light on rising crime. It doesn’t shy away from harsh subject matter, such as grooming children to distribute drugs.

I favour the show for not glamorising a life of crime, whilst the money may be good, it comes with the cost of your peace and freedom.

Jamie is barely an adult and entangled in the drama of rival gangs, taking each other’s territories and fearing nobody, not even God.

New kid on the block Jamie has to provide for his two younger brothers and the show does an excellent job in illustrating how resulting to crime isn’t the first choice for today’s youth; sometimes it’s the only choice.

You may see some familiar faces as well. Last season saw the demise of Modie, portrayed by South London rapper Santan Dave in his first acting role.

London rapper Little Simz, the critically acclaimed Brit nominee, plays Shelley, a love interest.

Both Santan and Simz will be at the upcoming Brit Awards on February 8th where they are nominated for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year.

Previews and posters for Season 4 have just started appearing and the official release date is March 18th.