Ricky Gervais hoped to host Simpsons live show

Posted on 29 September 2014
By Jack Pearson
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Following the success of a special live show at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate the 26th season of the Simpsons, show runner Al Jean has named Ricky Gervais as a potential host for taking the show to London.

Gervais has strong ties to the show, having written and starred in episodes in the past.

“Ricky is a great musical guest star” Al said of him making him an ideal candidate to host the yellow skinned family’s live show.

The Hollywood show was hosted by talk show funny man Conan O’Brien, who used to write for the Simpsons. However due to his commitments it is unlikely that he will host again, making Ricky a necessary sought after replacement.

Ricky has tweeted about the possibility, so fans of both him and the Simpsons will undoubtedly be trying their best to snag tickets.

Al Jean also hopes to take the show to New York and Sydney with no potential hosts yet named.