Rick and Morty team up with Sony for PlayStation 5 advert

Posted on 24 November 2020
By Khyle Deen
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Adult Swim’s quirky scientists Rick and Morty have teamed up with Sony to deliver a 30 second ad for Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Appearing in Morty’s parents’ living room alongside Rick who looks to be counting a fair amount of money, Rick tells Morty to “talk about the thing”, Morty starts to then stammer through a list of the key points of the PS5.

“This is the PlayStation 5,” says Morty, with a gesture towards the right, where the games console stands vertically on a white table. “It’s really fast. It’s super fast. Like, way less of those long loading screens, you know?” According to Rick, “they” really wanted the two to mention the PlayStation 5’s speed because the fast loading times are “really important to them.”

Morty quickly runs through the DualSense’s main features. He brings up the haptic feedback found in the controller, along with the adaptive resistance that can be found in the shoulder buttons of the controller for the PS5. Morty eventually ends up blocking the console, Rick tells him not to do that because “they wanted that in the shot.” The end of the advert comes once rick tells the camera to “go play PS5” after, as usual, yelling a series of swear words. The whole advert can be viewed in our video box.

This isn’t the first collaboration Sony has released related to the PlayStation 5. The company recently partnered with American rapper Travis Scott to promote the new console.

This collaboration is one of the few released by Sony for the PlayStation 5. Sony also recently partnered with Travis Scott to promote their next-gen console