Rick and Morty Season 7 could be here sooner than you think

Posted on 10 March 2021
By Pierce King
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TV shows are notoriously difficult to plan and produce, especially those that have multiple seasons. Any small delay or issue during the writing process, or during production or filming, can push projects back by months, so it is extremely important that schedules are maintained and met.

Thus, it will not be a surprise to note that the latest seasons of many TV shows, all over the world, have been delayed by at least a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Filming was impossible for the majority of 2020, so it is only now that film crews are being allowed to return in some parts of the world, and therefore we can probably expect those productions to come through extremely late.

In this environment, it is astonishing that work on season 7 of Rick and Morty, the animated series, has already begun, when season 5 is yet to premiere.

Rick and Morty has become one of the most popular shows at the moment, and despite being an animated show, which may put off many viewers right from the start, it has managed to create a very loyal fan following.

The show follows the adventures of a mad scientist, Rick, and his grandson, Morty, as they travel through time and various dimensions, meeting aliens, historical figures and other fantastic entities.

In fact, the show is so popular that it has inspired the creation of many themed items and merchandise, and has even had an influence on casino games.

At Winz.io you can play the Rick and Morty themed casino slot game that is extremely popular, and has become one of the best casino slots based on the popular TV series.

Thus, the impact of the show has already been seen on entertainment and popular culture, and it is therefore quite encouraging that work on subsequent seasons has begun.

The show was only renewed for season five in July 2020, as part of a deal in 2018 where an additional 70 episodes were commissioned by Cartoon Network for its Adult Swim block of programming. Thus, this also means that the writers are also considerably further along in their writing for season six as well.

There are no actual plot points or details available about season five at the moment either, other than a tease by Scott Marder, writer and producer, that ‘fans will get knocked over’ by some of the stuff they’re going to put out, and that ‘all the stuff we’re doing is so awesome’.

This should be exciting for fans of the show, although it must be pointed out that something crazy should always be expected in Rick and Morty, so it will probably take something of epic proportions to surprise fans to that extent.

Season four was split into two parts, with the first five episodes airing from November 2019, and the last five from May 2020, so it is already nearly a year since we saw any new episodes.

Of course, it can be expected that the pandemic did hit production for the new season, which would be a big reason for the subsequent delay in release for season five.

But, it does not seem to have affected the writing process, and this is encouraging for fans, as it means that subsequent seasons should be able to return to a more normal release schedule, or even an accelerated schedule, in the months and years to come.

With the prospect of three more seasons of the show to savour, fans of the show will have a lot more content to get through, and season five of Rick and Morty could be one of the most highly anticipated TV show releases in recent times.