Red Dwarf XI begins filming in front of a live audience

Posted on 19 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Red Dwarf fans are on a sort of mauve alert as the eleventh series of the show is one step closer to appearing on TV screens, with the four Boys From The Dwarf now filming in front of a live audience.

The news was revealed on the show’s official website earlier as they proclaimed Friday 13th to be the ideal day to start the studio filming.

‘If you’re paraskevidekatriaphobic, then Friday the 13th is a date you’ll want to avoid, as superstition dictates that it’s an unlucky day,’ the site said. ‘But if you’re nihilirutilipumilophobic – which we’ve decided means you’re afraid of a lack of Red Dwarf – then today, Friday 13th November 2015, is as good a date as you can get. Because it’s the day on which Series XI is filmed in front of a live audience for the first time.’

Meanwhile, the cast have all jumped onto social media to share their behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) was among those weighing in, with a selfie captioned:

“Today is the first of many shooting Red Dwarf. Gulp. I think I know my lines.” –

While Danny John-Jules (Cat) introduced us to his dressing-room at Pinewood:

“My 3 month squat. #refdqart #pinewood” –

And reassured us that everybody has their own chair with a behind the scenes snap seen at the link:

Craig Charles couldn’t resist joining in with his own photo:

“The boys from the dwarf all on board” –

Meanwhile co-writer Doug Naylor let slip an interesting bit of info:

“Starbug is looking awesome. #reddwarfXI” –

Yes everybody, the Starbug will be returning in the forthcoming series – with the site telling fans: ‘This time we’ve got sets, baby.’

The whole thing will be filmed at Pinewood until December 18 – with the twelfth series set to crank up not long after in the New Year – and will be aired on Dave in 2016.

The entire series is set to be filmed at Pinewood until December 18.

Danny recently hinted at what fans can expect from the new series, saying: ‘It’s going back to the old school, the four guys and loads of banter. That’s what we want.’

Smoke us a kipper boys, we can’t wait…