Neil Gaiman, The Beatles, and Doctor Who?!

Posted on 15 April 2020
By Dana Andersen
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With life in lockdown continuing, #LockdownWho is bringing joy to Whovians all over Twitter. As Doctor Who fans work their way through the show, the cast and writers have been tweeting stories of behind the scenes stories, and other previously unknown information about the show.

One of the most interesting tweets to have come out of this is one from Neil Gaiman, the Good Omens and American Gods writer,who wrote the 2011 Who episode ‘The Doctors Wife, and 2013 episode Nightmare in Silver.

In this tweet he included four script pages, apparently the original opening scene for The Doctors Wife. A new, original script for an episode of Doctor Who is enough to send Whovians wild as is, add the fact that this scene involved The Doctor, and Amy almost attending the iconic 1965 Shea Stadium Beatles gig, and you can imagine how excited fans were.

New information often crops up surrounding Doctor Who, its only to be expected from a show that with extensive lore, not to mention one thats been going for as long as Doctor Who has been. With such an enthusiastic, and communicative, fan base, few things are usually truly unseen, or entirely unknown about, so to be surprised like this is a real treat for Doctor Who fans!

Gaiman may have said back in 2018 that an episode of Doctor Who he wrote left him with a “bad taste” in his mouth, but he’s clearly still happy to provide Doctor Who fans with the new information they’re all craving. Plus, with David Tennant playing a main character in Good Omens, theres become quite a fandom crossover for the two.

Outside of #LockdownWho, new stories, and other fun titbits, are popping up on the official BBC website regularly, keeping fans entertained in a much appreciated way during this time.

This does, however, leave many Whovians with one, final, question. When are we finally going to get to see The Beatles in Doctor Who?!