NBC to re-air Carrie Fisher episode of Saturday Night Live from 1978

Posted on 16 January 2017
By Khyle Deen
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The official Twitter account for NBC’s Saturday Night Live announced on Saturday that it will be re-airing a 1978 episode of SNL, the episode in which the late Carrie Fisher hosted, not long after she became a household name after appearing in Star Wars.

Carrie Fisher opened the show dressed as her Star Wars character Princess Leia from the 1977 film, she also appeared in a beach party sketch in character as Leia where she rejected the advances of a lothario in the form of Bill Murray.

This particular episode of Saturday Night Live also featured a musical performance by The Blues Brothers (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd), Carrie Fisher starred alongside them in the 1980 movie version of the musical dui’s “mission from God”

The 1978 edition of SNL will air at 10pm ET/PT Saturday, ahead of the first new episode for 2017, hosted by Rogue One star Felicity Jones, which will air at 11:30pm.

Carrie Fisher shot to fame in the 1977 hit sci-fi film trilogy Star Wars alongside Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. She appeared in the original trilogy and starred as General Leia Organa in 2015’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, she tragically passed away on December 27th 2016, prior to her death, she completed production for her role in the yet to be titled Star Wars Episode VIII.