Nasties… The YouTube rabbit hole you’ve been looking for…

Posted on 14 April 2023
By Pierce King
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Are you still nibbling bits of choccie eggs and hating yourself for it? We at Purple Revolver Towers feel your pain. 

Isn’t it weird how everyone hates choc the week after Easter. Too much of a good thing and all that jazz. 

But spare a thought for the Easter Bunny. What do you think he does after all the flurry of excitement? 
Certainly too tired to make more bunnies with Mrs Bunny. 

This year he picked up a nasty tummy bug burying all those eggs in the garden for your snotty kids! So he had to take himself off to see Chuck The Demon and the rest of the Nasties crew in Liverpool.

Chuck is the only one who can sort his particular problem of an inter-dimensional parasite!

Made by Dark Tunnel films and shot at VideOdyssey Studios, Nasties is set in a post apocalyptic world where the internet has been wiped off the face of the earth and vampires and zombies patrol the remnants of society.

People have to watch films on glorious old VHS – and the only place is a former famous video shop in Toxteth. I know… Sounds about right!

The video shop run by Spools For Eyes Johnson fronts as a stall for all manner of evil soul trading deals. 

Episode 3 has just landed on YouTube to give you a guaranteed Easter hangover cure. JoJo the wanking obsessed Clown (yes you read that right) is exploiting a giant chicken for eggs. Max the Werewolf must have some for his omelette. Hilarity ensues. 

Compared by one viewer who works in the TV industry for Big Talk Productions to ‘Mighty Boosh meets an adult Around The Bend’… this is the YouTube rabbit hole you’ve been waiting for.

The Easter Bunny is a Geordie! Who knew, wait for the big tummy bug reveal, it’s special… believe me. 

Subscribe to VideOdyssey on YouTube, so you don’t miss an episode. Number 1 and 2 are there to consume too. 

Purple Revolver rating 5 cracking eggs outta 5