Narcos Season 3: What to expect from the final season

Posted on 14 July 2021
By Pierce King
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Narcos is a long-running show that gives an exciting account of the Carli Cartel. Since its introduction in theatres, the TV series has shed light on the life of the Carli Cartel, its leaders, and their heinous crimes. The first instalment of the Narcos TV series was a massive success.

It was received well both locally and internationally. That is because no one wanted to miss out on the gritty details of the drug kingpins. Similarly, the second instalment saw significant success, and that sealed the Narcos Fan base.

After the release of Narcos seasons 1 and 2, the TV show took a new turn. Instead of continuing with season 3, the management released Narcos: Mexico, whose production locations were both in the US and Mexico.

By that time, the TV Show was already available in video games such as Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, an action game for PS4, and a mobile game called Narcos: Cartel Wars. There is also a video slot named Narcos which can be played in casinos with some of the top casino bonuses such as Casino Lab.

Currently, the Narcos fan base is eagerly waiting for Narcos season 3, with sources indicating that the crew has already wrapped up filming the show.

However, fans should expect a twist, according to a Narcos season 3 review. Pablo Escobar, played by the Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is dead, so a new storyline has to be developed.

Sources also state that fans should expect a completely different showrunner, Eric Newman. After five episodes, Eric Newman will exit the show and leave Carlos Bernard, Narcos’ show co-creator, in charge of the showrunner role.

Also, Netflix confirmed that Narcos fans should expect the return of Scoot McNairy in the third season, a DEA agent who was introduced at the end of Narcos Sn 1.

Wagner Moura, who brought to life the role of Pablo Escober, will be directing two seasons on the Carli Cartel based show. That means even though he will not appear on the screens, fans should look forward to interacting with him virtually.

This time, the TV series will place an independent cartel under the spotlight. Narcos Sn 3 will also see the emergence of new kingpins with more take-downs, murder, and arrests.

Also, the last season of Narcos saw Félix end up in prison after the power he had immersed as Guadalajara Cartel leader was swooped with only a few raids.

With both antagonists either dead or in prison, fans should expect a new antagonist. That means the show will be introducing Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán sooner than everyone expected.

In short, the action is just beginning. According to Narcos Sn 2 rating, Narcos Sn 3 is expected to attract millions of viewers worldwide.

Furthermore, if Narcos Sn 3 is to present Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, fans should expect a much more powerful Sinaloa Cartel with the power and resources to frustrate the US and Mexican Governments in the drug war.