Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: We look at who may be in Skye’s new Secret Warriors team (Spoilers)

Posted on 20 May 2015
By Aubrey Reynolds
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The end of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 2 firmly presented original cast member Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson/Quake from the Marvel Comics.

With Agent Coulsen handing over leadership of a clandestine group of powered SHIELD agents to her we look set to see the Secret Warriors to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what is the Secret Warriors and who may be joining their ranks on screen?

Coming out of the mega comic book event Secret Invasion, when all heroes were under suspicion of being Skrulls in disguise, Nick Fury needed to form a new team. Using his secret dossier of “Catterpillars”, he recruited the powered children of powered individuals and trained them in secret. This team then launched its own comic book series, Secret Warriors, written by Bendis and Hickman.

With the introduction of the new “powered but in hiding” team of SHIELD agents it looks like season 3 will be including an element or elements of the Secret Warriors comic books. So who could be appearing?

The Secret Warriors original line up was (including Skye’s Quake):

Alexander Aaron/Phobos; son of the Greek God of War Ares, he has the power to install fear in others.

Sebastian Druid; son of old school Marvel character Dr Druid he has magic skills.

Yo-Yo Rodriguez/Slingshot; daughter of The Griffin she has superhuman speed.

J.T. James/Hellfire; grandson of the Phantom Rider he is another magically infused character.

Jerry Sledge/Stonewall; son of the already established in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

Absorbing Man (Carl Crusher Steel) he can also absorb other material properties into his body.

Eden Fesi/Manifold; an aboriginal Australian with the ability to teleport.

Now all or none of these characters may be introduced into Season 3, but the interesting thing is, none are explicitly mutants (to which the rights are still owned by Fox Studios) so in theory could all be introduced.

Personally I’d like to see most of the original comic book line up make their appearance in the MCU, for different reasons.

Druid, Hellfire and Phobos would bring the TV show into the realms of gods and magic and could easily serve as a lead in and companion peace to the upcoming Dr Strange movie, in the same way that the second half of season 2 feds into establishing The Inhumans.

This would open up several possibilities for new stories to be told and explore an as yet unseen area of the MCU (it could even lead to Brother Voodoo making an appearance).

Also with Manifold (an Aboriginal Australian) and Slingshot (a Puerto-Rican) the diversity of the cast of characters would be greatly increased.

This could add to the feeling that these events are taking place all over the world (not just on an LA sound stage) following on from the Globe trotting exploits of Hulk vs Hulkbuster in South Africa; Ultron vs scientists in Korea and Ultron vs everyone in Slokovia.

They could also create a whole new bunch of Inhuman/super powered characters for Skye to lead.

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