Marvel set to release four new series on Netflix

Posted on 8 November 2013
By James McAllister
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Disney, owners of Marvel Studios, have announced yesterday that they are working with Netflix to bring a host of new superhero shows to the online streaming service.

Disney hope a combination of the Netflix audience reach and the current attention surrounding Marvel will help bring fresh eyes to their less mainstream superheroes.

A minimum of 13 episodes have been ordered for the four series, which will feature Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

It has been reported that that a mini series is due to follow, where all four characters team up as The Defenders.

The house of mouse Chief Executive Bob Iger has even hinted at the possibility of feature films for each of the characters. But, hasn’t commented on whether these will be stand alone films, or cameos in The Avengers.

When asked why Disney chose Netflix over their own channels Iger said, “When we looked forward, we saw there were only so many Marvel shows we could fit on those platforms.”

Netflix have been known to work more efficiently with limited budgets, offering dark and edgy story lines that would be to risky for TV.

Marvel are not abandoning TV, with reports that they are working with actress Hayley Atwell on an Agent Carter TV series. But, Iger refused to comment.