Mad Men season 6 will not type cast Jon Hamm

Posted on 9 December 2013
By James McAllister
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Actor Jon Hamm is determined not be type cast by his part in the hit AMC show Mad Men.

The actor said: “No one wants to be pigeon holed and you are ultimately in charge of that.”

After playing the Mad Men’s main character Don Draper, Jon said he was in high demand but all of the offers were too similar.

“I was offered every role with a tie, hat and coat, but I’ve veered sharply the other way.”

Since the show’s success Jon has appeared in a number of different roles in shows like 30 rock and the summertime blockbuster Bridesmaids.

Hamm said: “These things are about as polar opposite to Don Draper as possible, and it’s fun you have the freedom to go which ever way you want.”

Jon recently starred opposite Daniel Radcliffe, another actor who knows the risk of being type cast by a particular role.

The Mad Men star said: “Dan’s on the West End doing eight shows a week, so that’s a far bigger challenge for him than it is for me.”

The two actors can be seen in a four part special of A Young Doctors Notebook on Sky Atlantic which began airing last Friday.