Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street trailer

Posted on 31 October 2013
By Craig Kell
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The new trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street has been released as Leonardo DiCaprio gets caught up in financial trouble.

Working alongside renowned director Martin Scorsese for the fifth time, DiCaprio takes on the role of real life stockbroker Jordan Belfort in the upcoming crime drama.

The preview begins with a 22 year old Belfort sitting in a diner as he is approached by future colleague Donnie Azoff (a geeky-looking Jonah Hill) about his flash car.

When Belfort confirms that the car is his, Azoff rings someone to confirm he is quitting his current job in order to work for his new pal.

Belfort narrates about his lifestyle, which shows him as a young aspiring businessman looking to make it big in New York as he begins work at Wall Street.

He gains useful advice from fellow broker Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) before talking about how his firm started out very small.

More clips show the firm growing larger by each shot before concluding with Belfort announcing to his workers that the company is now the biggest in the world – cue a lot of dancers! It is also during this segment that we get a glimpse of former Neighbours actress Margot Robbie in the role of Belfort’s lover Naomi Lapaglia

The celebrating continues for the controversial broker as we see him revel in his success by purchasing a boat for Naomi and throwing an extravagant pool party.

But the mood of the trailer changes as we learn that most of Belfort’s dealings were illegal with some violence shown (including one shot of a man being held over the edge of a tall building).

The FBI are then seen surveying Belfort’s activities with Kyle Chandler’s Patrick Denham leading the investigation. The agent accuses his target of bribing him much to the latter’s amusement.

The trailer concludes showing DiCaprio and Hill as the two main actors and showing their characters in a quick montage. A humourous bonus scene shows Azoff telling a money-claden woman that she is now his property.

The Wolf of Wall Street will be released in the UK on January 17th 2014.