How I Met Your Mother spin off announced online

Posted on 31 October 2013
By James McAllister
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One of America’s highest rated shows, How I Met Your Mother, is drawing to a close this season, and CBS has announced they are in talks with 20th Century Fox about a spin off to take advantage of the shows closing ratings.

Creatively titled ‘How I Met Your Father’, HIMYM showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas intend to simply recreate the distinctive show format. Following a group of friends in New York the spin off will feature a female main character in search of her perfect soul mate.

Bays insists that they can prevent the show format from becoming stale, saying “There’s a world where the universe of the show can keep existing in a way that feels coherent to what’s come before, but new enough to be worth watching.”

Rumours that the new cast will feature in the final episode of HIMYM have begun to circulate, using MacLaren’s pub as a way to tie the two shows together. This will also provide ample opportunity for old cast members to make cameos in the new show.

A final cast is still to be announced while the show awaits a green light. But, HIMYM is CBS’s second highest viewed show, so creators are confident the project will get the go ahead.