Horror Is In The Air And On The TV

Posted on 16 November 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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What is it about horror movies that intrigues us so much? Although they’re not for everyone, they are undeniably popular – and always have been. Ever since Le Manoir Du Diable (The Devil’s Castle) back in 1896, the world has been gripped by terror. In a good way.

Psychologists (of course) has delved into our darkest psyches and discovered that we enjoy being frightened when it is done in a contained kind of way. Chaotic fear, when we don’t know what is happening and we don’t know that the outcome is going to be a happy one (ie the film ends, the credits role, and we leave the cinema or turn off the TV), is not something we enjoy at all; it can all too easily end in death or injury.

But the sanitised version of terror that we get from watching Hannibal Lecter eat his patients, or Freddy Krueger invade school kids’ dreams, or any number of other horrific people doing terrible things allows us to tap into that hidden part of us that loves an adrenalin rush and craves for something to keep us on our toes. After all, our ancestors the Neanderthals had to live with this kind of fear on a daily basis, and modern day mankind can still remember back that far – so to speak.

So if you fancy being afraid, we’ve got some gruesome recommendations for you.

The Foreign Film: Ringu (1998)

This little gem from Japan was remade by Hollywood in 2002, and that version is the one you’ve probably seen. Forget that. If you want real scares that stay with you for years afterwards (we know this first hand…) then opt for the original. This is the movie about the cursed videotape; seven days after anyone watches it, they will die. It may not sound like much, but the tension, the horror, the shocks, and the absolute strangeness of the whole thing takes Ringu to a whole new level of terror.

The Classic Film: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1931)

Is there anything more frightening that having to conform our inner demons? Yes, there is. Having to confront our inner demons when those demons are real and head off on a murderous rampage across London is much, much scarier. Especially when the makeup and effects used in this classic movie (directed by Rouben Mamoulian and staring the legendary Fredric March) are so unnerving, even by today’s more gruesome standards.

The story of Jekyll and Hyde has seeped so deeply into our collection subconscious that everyone seems to know it – even if they’ve never seen it before. That could be why there are so many spin offs and adaptations of it. There is even a slot game, which can be played (if you dare) at Red Flush online casino Canada.

The Modern Film: Remains (2011)

In Remains a nuclear accident turns most of the people of the world into flesh craving zombies – ironically it happens on a day that is mean to be celebrating world peace. Oh well, these things happen (apparently). A small group of survivors have to try to keep themselves safe – but holing up in an abandoned casino in Reno (that would never happen if they used Red Flush to play online!) until the danger has passed. But have they just barricaded themselves in with death? The scares are quick and bloody, and there are even some laughs thrown in for good effect. This is the perfect movie to put on for a girls or boys’ night in – get some friends round, get a takeaway, open a bottle of something or other, and enjoy the silliness.

The Not Yet Released Film: The Bye Bye Man (2017)

We haven’t seen this one yet as it’s not out until January 2017, but it looks spectacular. The evil (known as The Bye Bye Man) behind all of man’s darkest deeds is free to roam – and our heroes need to stop it. This one is going to be a rollicking good adventure with some screams along the way – sleep well.