Highs and Lows of WWE Monday Night Raw: Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, Buddy Murphy and more

Posted on 20 January 2020
By Khyle Deen
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The 13/1/20 edition of Monday Night Raw kicks off with a big high, as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

He invites AJ Styles to the ring. AJ’s music hits and he is not pleased, he brings up how Orton tricked him a few weeks ago, into thinking he was injured. Styles then claims that Orton is not the favourite to win the Royal Rumble match. He says that last week, he hit the sweetest RKO, and that many claim that it was the best they’d ever seen, some said it was even… phenomenal, and that it may be all that’s needed to win the Rumble, and defeat 29 other superstars, including Orton, Lesnar and… Drew McIntyre interrupts and says that the last few weeks have been rough, that he’s had to dig deep and overcome some things, but that he wants bigger game. While Orton and Styles have been having an RKO measuring contest, his Claymore is even bigger… Drew stops for a moment, and suggests a Triple Threat Match. – Brilliant opening segment to set up the opening match for the evening.

Triple Threat match: AJ Styles vs Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre. Another high, great little back and forth match, giving just a taste of what all three men are capable of. The finish sees Orton hitting an RKO on Styles, McIntyre hitting a Claymore on Orton for the win.

Seth Rollins and the AOP are backstage. Rollins brings up the night’s main event. The fist fight…. Seth says that when it comes to himself and the AOP, you are with them or against them. Nothing and no one can stop them. They are unstoppable and the destiny of Raw. Seth says that he has sacrificed more than anyone can understand and tonight they impose their will and show everyone that you must embrace the Monday Night Messiah. – This is some of Seth’s best work in some time, the passion and intensity shines through when he’s a bad ass heel, perfect fit for Rollins. Nothing but love and the right amount of hate, for this smarmy Seth Rollins!

The first low of the evening, as much as it hurts to say, goes to the nmatch between Charlotte Flair and Sarah Logan, continuing off from last week’s segment (which was better than this) Flair defeats Logan in a quick match, Logan deserves better, and frankly, so does Charlotte…

Heyman and Lesnar make their way to the ring. Heyman mocks the fans with a southern accent as he introduces himself. The fans boo Brock, telling him he sucks, so He and Heyman tease leaving the ring. Heyman says that Brock doesn’t suck and begins his promo from the top, introducing himself and putting over Brock.

Paul discusses Brock entering the Rumble at #1, saying that since no one is worthy enough to challenge him. Brock will win, and that that’s a spoiler. Heyman says that when he offers spoilers, he’s never wrong. He reminds us that Brock ended Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. Brock will not eek out a win, he will dominate at the Rumble and conquer the WWE universe and prove that his spoilers always ring.

R-Truth arrives, this is where the segment gets even better. Truth talks about his childhood hero John Cena, and says that he will enter the Rumble. Truth says “You may be a big, big, big man, but Truth knows you will fly over those ropes… Paul Heyman” Heyman’s reaction is brilliant. Brock Lesnar cracks a laugh here – big love for Truth for getting Brock to break character for a moment. Paul corrects him, telling him that he’s not in the Royal Rumble match. Truth says oops, and takes himself out of the Rumble…

Truth says that he wasn’t listening as Paul talks too much and gives away too many spoilers. He doesn’t want to go to Sioux Falls City and Paul corrects him again, telling Truth that it’s in fact, Suplex City.

Truth asks Brock what’s up and Brock laughs and then almost beheads him with a strong lariat, then an F5, finally, he tosses the 24/7 title on him before leaving and saying, “That’s what’s up.” – Fantastic work from everybody, Truth being the main one providing the entertainment, as he always does. Truth is such a gem. Clearly another high of the show.

Following the break, Mojo Rawley attacks an injured Truth, pinning him to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion – A high here, Mojo is criminally underrated, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Title going forward, hopefully keeping Truth away from it for a bit, as entertaining as he is, it gets stale when he’s Champ again and again…

Lashley and Rusev have a pretty good match next, with Lashley picking up the win, though the match was great, Lashley winning earns a low here this week, Rusev really should be winning this feud, or at least not looking weak time and time again. Lana and Liv Morgan got into it a little bit, with Lana throwing a fan’s Coke in Liv’s face, the slow motion replay of this was a thing to rewatch, it was quite fun to be honest.

Lana challenges Liv and Rusev to a mixed tag, which Liv and Rusev later accept… The feud continues, great?…

Back with a high next, as Becky Lynch and Asuka sign their contract for their WWE Raw Women’s Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Asuka yells in Japanese again, effective stuff! Asuka spits mist in Becky’s eyes, Lynch sells this perfectly, she cuts a fiery promo afterwards, all in all, making us all heavily anticipate their upcoming encounter at the Royal Rumble. Job very well done by both women.

It’s announced that Rey Mysterio will get another US Title match next week vs Andrade, in a ladder match – very excited for this one.

Another line on the tally of highs next, as Zelina Vega cuts a promo on who she calls “the disgraced legend” Rey Mysterio. She says that Andrade is a real man a hero and unmasked Rey, Rey then attacked Andrade like the low life criminal he is and a disgrace to Latinos and his kids. Andrade is disgusted to call Rey a Latino, Zelina gets all fired up, cutting in Spanish, presumably promising to end Rey. We then see Rey responding, he runs down Andrade for his actions, including injuring Carrillo. He loves the fact that the match is a ladder match and says that he will sacrifice years of his life and career to get his title back. – A beautifully fiery promo from both stars, PPV worthy, it really builds up the feud and the ladder match for next week. It’s safe to assume that everyone is expecting a thriller next week.

A high yet again, in the pretty much perfect form that Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black put up in their third match. The finish sees Murphy nailing a Murphy’s Law, then picking up Black for another, when Black collapses, Murphy lifts him up, when Black capitalises and nails a Black Mass for the pinfall victory. While it’s a bit of a nuisance to see Murphy fall for a third time, there’s something to actually come from this… Murphy is seen post match, looking distraught sitting at ringside, even refusing to comment on the match when Charly enquires…

Main event time, and our final high of the night (Raw has been on fire lately, week after week of boss telly!) It’s the Fist Fight: Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins & The AOP – The rules of this match are that it’s basically a Last Team Standing match…

Rollins and AOP attack Show during his entrance. Kevin & Joe make the save with kendo sticks. Show and Joe put Rezar through a table. Buddy is seen at ringside and Seth asks him for help with the match.. Show chokeslams Seth and Buddy hits Show with a low blow. They both work together to put Show through the table as AOP beat down Joe on the announce table, they then slam Kevin onto Joe to break it. Show knocks down Buddy, turning his focus to Seth and climbs up to the top rope until AOP save Seth, powererbombing Show off the ropes. Buddy picks Show up, setting up the finish as Seth hits Blackout. The ref announces Seth and AOP as winners. – Interesting twist with Murphy aligning himself with Seth Rollins and the AOP, looking forward to see what comes from this.

Highs – 8

Lows – 2