Highs and Lows of WWE Monday Night Raw: The IIconics make an appearance, Samoa Joe is on commentary and more

Posted on 22 November 2019
By Khyle Deen
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Becky Lynch kicks off Raw this week, she confidently lets Shayna and Bayley know that she’s right here if they want her, Becky says she’s here to fight and isn’t interested in their brand supremacy. The IIconics arrive, in a rare, but very welcome TV appearance!

They make light of the fact that they’re not on the Raw Survivor Series team, but it’s ok, because they are the future. Lynch cuts them off there and says she’ll take them both on by herself. Charlotte Flair arrives and tells Becky that she doesn’t want to team with her, but that the forces, seemingly want them to tag forever and ever. Flair announces that she’s captain of Team Raw on Sunday. Samoa Joe makes his way to the broadcast booth for commentary, a bit random, but we’ll have to go with won’t we…

Great promo segment to kick off Raw’s Go Home show for Survivor Series. Our first high.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce is the first match of the show, a very quick one with Flair locking in the Figure 8 for the submission victory. Our first low, a bit of a waste of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce’s talents, but that seems to be par for the course when it comes to them, it’s ok though… they’re the future….

Shayna, Duke, & Shafir attack the IIconics until Becky & Charlotte attempt to make the save but get taken out themselves. They regroup and chase off the NXT baddies. – Samoa Joe is pretty good on commentary so far.

Charly Caruso interviews Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. They have a Tag Team Titles shot tonight and are prepared. AOP arrive, stare them down and attack them, doesn’t look like that match is happening folks…

AJ Styles cuts a promo, saying that he would love to defend his US Title against Humberto Carrillo tonight, but Carrillo disrespected him last week, so Karl Anderson is going to beat him up instead.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Karl Anderson: The finish of this one saw Gallows get involved, we see Anderson roll a cradle on Carrillo, then we see the Street Profits make the save and counter the cradle, giving Carrillo the pinfall victory. It was an alright match, it seems like they’re building Carrillo up, but then they have him need help, it’s like they can’t fully make up their minds, hmmm.

Charly interviews Seth about his match with Andrade. Seth says that he is a leader, one that doesn’t back down from challenges. Rollins claims that he will do what he does best and burn it down.

Lana is up next, she’s at ringside. She tells the world that she filed for divorce from Rusev. We won’t see Rusev tonight, and was actually handed a restraining order. Rusev cannot come within 90-miles of her, oh wait, she means 90-feet. What it basically boils down to, is that she and Lashley just want to be together forever. This is a high, great work from Lana and Lashley, excellent heat, looking forward to more, certainly redeeming after last week…

Lashley has a super quick match with No Way Jose, defeating him with a Full Nelson.

Seth Rollins vs. Andrade is up next, it starts off alright, the ending sees Seth head up top for a dive, then what’s this!?, SmackDown’s Lucha House Party attacks Rollins for the DQ giving Seth the DQ win. It was alright, but another Rollins match with a rather lazy finish? Maybe it would have done Seth a bit of a favour had he taken Triple H on his offer to head back to NXT where it all started. It gets a high though, on the talent alone, it’s a match that should definitely happen again properly, perhaps on a bigger stage.

Seth and Andrade fight off the Lucha House Party.

Buddy Murphy knocks on Aleister Black’s door to Pick. A. Fight. With. Him.

Team NXT arrives in the back, with their dad Triple H.

Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa is next, excellent match, 2 fantastic athletes getting to show just a portion of what they can do in the ring. Murphy nails a Murphy’s Law for the victory. Another high.

Backstage, Buddy comes face to face with Aleister.

Randy Orton comments on Survivor Series,, he reminds us that he is the best at Survivor Series. He will pick a partner and face the Viking Raiders tonight.

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre is the following match. It was for the most part, an absolutely brilliant match, near falls, edge of your seat stuff throughout. The match itself gets a high, the finish unfortunately gets a low… Owens drops McIntyre with a Stunner, and Triple H arrives, resulting in a no contest. It didn’t make that much sense to have teammates on Sunday, facing off, surely it’d be best to preserve energy so they can represent their brand at the PPV? It was a great match though…

Triple H tries to recruit Owens, much like he did Seth recently. Trips talks about their history together. He says he knows that Kevin didn’t want to leave NXT, and that when he went to Raw and SmackDown, Kevin was fired repeatedly and told that he simply didn’t belong. He mentions that he knows how great Kevin is and sees a guy that doesn’t fit the mold and loves it.

Triple H simply wants to have a conversation, and his NXT guys are here for Kevin. Triple H brings up the fact that Kevin’s teammates are in the back, not around to help because they don’t give a damn about him. They aren’t here because they will get their asses beat. This finally brings out Team Raw to attack the NXT crew at ringside. Undisputed Era attack Kevin and the OC make the save. Great promo work as always from Triple H, many think he takes up too much time from the current generation, but it’s worth all the time, as Triple H is one of the best promos of all time. 2 highs, for the majority of the match, and this promo segment.

We find out that next week, AJ Styles will defend his US Title against Humberto Carrillo. Carrillo comments and is happy for the opportunity.

Paul Heyman recaps the Brock vs. Rey feud and says that at Survivor Series, Brock will beat Rey. Brock isn’t hurt like some rumours are suggesting, and announces that the match will be no DQ. Rey will either pull off a miracle or Brock will massacre him.

Rey reacts to Paul’s promo, stopping first to tell Carrillo that he’s proud of him. Mysterio says Brock made a huge mistake making this no DQ. Rey accepts and will bring his pipe with him. The stipulation will be to his advantage and he is coming for revenge, and will hunt him down and make him pay. The old Rey would have demanded an apology, but on Sunday, he’s coming for the championship. – Incredble work by Rey, looking so boss in a Louis Vuitton mask, passionate stuff. Rey deserves a final run with a World Title!

Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders are taking on Randy Orton and his mystery partner, who ends up being Ricochet (as many expected.) The finish of the match sees Orton hit a draping DDT, as effortlessly as always. Then the SmackDown crew arrive and attack, making this match, a no contest. Too many no contests on this road to Survivor Series…. it’s definitely been overdone. A low point of the show.

The blue brand dominate the Raw crew in their blue SmackDown shirts and FOX hats. Raw retaliates, we then see NXT arrive and attack Smackdown. More NXT guys arrive and Raw fights them off as Rollins leads out the troops to attack.

We have a mass Technicolor brawl as NXT surrounds AJ Styles and beats him down.

Triple H appears on the screen and promises to finish this at Survivor Series, proving that they are the A brand and challenges anyone to show up on NXT TV. NXT stands tall to close the show. This moment to close the show gives us a high, as it was quite bad ass to be completely honest.

Highs – 9
Lows – 3