Highs and Lows of WWE Friday Night SmackDown: Sasha Banks leads a charge. A new Intercontinental Title and more

Posted on 25 November 2019
By Khyle Deen
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The show opens with Corbin addressing the blue brand’s roster, or trying to, nobody is listening, until Roman Reigns shows up.

Reigns tells everyone that he knows Raw and NXT are showing up, he says they will open the door, let everybody in and whoop all of their asses. Corbin disagrees and argues with Roman until Sasha Banks steps up and lets them all know that she isn’t waiting, and that the women will deal with business right now. – Excellent opening segment, everyone looking bad ass and loyal as the broadcast begins. A clear high to open the show.

Team SmackDown’s women, Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, & Nikki Cross all make their way to the ring. Banks says that this is their ring, their show, and they are ready to take care of business.

They dropped NXT last week and took them out in their house. She knows Team Raw is here and calls them out. Charlotte, the Kabuki Warriors, Natalya, & Sarah Logan arrive. Charlotte addresses the welcome wagon and thanks them for opening the door for them. She proposes a one on one match with Banks. Rhea Ripley, Mia Tim, Toni Storm, Tegan Nox, and Candice LeRae arrive. Rhea proposes a captain’s match. A brawl breaks out.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley is up next. The finish sees Charlotte lock in the Figure 8 on Sasha Banks, as Flair is bridging, Ripley slides into the ring and cradles an unsuspecting Flair for the pinfall victory. – A great match featuring Rhea getting some shine, with a smart way of winning. Another high.

Sami & Nakamura head to the ring and Sami has a bag with him.

Bayley is being interviewed. Bayley says that she is prepared for both Becky and Shayna if they appear . She’s held all the belts, and Becky is smart but Shayna is too impulsive. She only attacks when her back is turned and dares her to show up tonight.

Back to the ring with Sami & Nakamura, Sami says that Corbin is afraid of them. Sami calls himself a stud and adds that Nakamura is an even bigger stud than he is. Zayn reveals what is in the bag, it’s a new look Intercontintal Title. Sami mocks Roderick Strong, prompting Undisputed Era to make their way to the ring.

Sami begs off as he and Nakamura leave. Cole grabs the mic and says that he is Adam Cole bay bay, and Roderick Strong is the man that they forgot. At Survivor Series, they will wipe the floor with Raw & Smackdown, and that’s undisputed.

New Day arrives and says they didn’t get the chance to properly introduce themselves last week, but they are here now. New Day wants to settle what they started last week in a match right now. Undisputed Era say that they are ready for a 4 on 2 match, but New Day brings out Heavy Machinery. – Each segment is pretty good, the new Intercontinental Title design is quite gorgeous and adds more prestige to the Title, something that is honestly lacking lately.

New Day & Heavy Machinery vs. Undisputed Era is next, the finish sees Otis hits the spinning slam on Kyle, the caterpillar connects when Otis’ offense is cut off as Roddy finishes him with the running knee strike for the victory. Another high, a fantastic match showcasing all of the great talent. UE picking up the win is the right move that sees NXT establish more dominance heading into Survivor Series.

The OC are out next and say that they will remind everyone who they are. We get some CM Punk chants from the crowd, with AJ Styles saying that he’d mop the floor with him. Styles says he’ll get payback on Sunday, and will remind everyone why he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Daniel Bryan arrives, and we get a recap of his issues with the Fiend & last week’s Miz TV. Bryan is here to summon Bray Wyatt. He says that won’t pretend to know what goes in inside Bray’s mind, and invites him to the ring to clear the air and talk about the past, or gives him the option of fighting right now.

The lights go out and they come back on to nothing. Bryan says he’s playing mind games, this is when the Miz arrives. Bryan says that this is even worse than the Fiend. Miz says he’s a professional unlike Bryan, The Miz said that he had to hold back last week and calls Bryan weak and vulnerabl, and claims that The Fiend will tear him apart at Survivor Series. Miz slaps Bryan. – Great segment to build up Bryan/Fiend at Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz is our next match, The finish sees Bryan fighting off Miz and connecting with a missile dropkick, Bryan then lands in the YES kicks, teasing YES chants, and when he does, The Fiend appears in the ring. He chokes out Bryan with the Mandible Claw. This was a pretty good match. The only gripe with it, is that Bryan could have beaten Miz prior to The Fiend showing up, it would have built up Bryan/Fiend that little bit more. The finish of this match gets a low…

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler arrives and calls out Bayley. Bayley attacks her from behind, chop blocking Shayna’s knee and they brawl. Bayley runs off, but Shayna follows her and lock in the choke on the floor, Bayley manages to slam her to the barricade to escape. Bayley runs away. Shayna is pissed to end the segment. This is a high, all 3 Women’s Champions have looked strong in the Survivor Series build, which is a great way to build.

Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, & Chad Gable vs King Corbin, Bobby Roode, & Dolph Ziggler is our main event. This is a solid match, lots of back and forth stuff, the finish sees Corbin hitting a Deep Six on Ali for the win. Ali got some good shine despite losing, in his home town, which is the usual procedure for WWE talent… The match gets a high though, decent main event for the go home show for Survivor Series.

Highs – 5

Lows – 1