Highs and Lows of WWE Friday Night SmackDown: Bray Wyatt emphatically says Yes, Tegan Nox invades the show and more

Posted on 18 November 2019
By Khyle Deen
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This past Friday’s edition of SmackDown was live from Philadephia, PA.

King Corbin kicks off the show once again this week, being carried out on a throne, like a King should… Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler are in the ring with him, Corbin tells the fans that they should respect their king and to be more like Ziggler and Roode, who are loyal to him. He goes on to say that he’s not only a great king, but a great leader. Corbin says that Reigns is a shell of himself, no longer who he used to be. He also refers to Ali and Gable as weak links in the Team SmackDown team for Survivor Series. Ziggler says that Gable & Ali don’t deserve to be on the team, and that he and Roode should be on it. Corbin invites Reigns to come out, Reigns’ music hits, and out comes a dog mascot, barking his way to the ring, mocking Roman Reigns. It’s very silly stuff, but it works for Corbin’s character and furthers the feud between he and Reigns, teasing tension ahead of Survivor Series. Whether or notsome agree on the goofy nature of the majority of this feud, it works for what it is, due to the talent involved, and it is a high to kick off the broadcast.

Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler face off next, if Ziggler and Roode win, they replace Ali & Gable on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. The ending sees Reigns take out Corbin on the outside with a great Spear. Dolph fights but Roode makes the save. Reigns takes out Corbin and Roode then attacks. Ali hits a suicide dive and Reigns spears Corbin. The chaos theory and 054 by Ali & Gable finish off Dolph for the pinfall victory. slid opening match, Gable Ali rightfully winning. Gable continues to use his ring work to increase popularity, even with his “Shorty G” character. Another high, Great talent doing their usual great work.

Next, we see highlights of the Fiend attacking Daniel Bryan last week.

It’s Firefly Funhouse time. Bray makes the Universal title disappear and turns it blue. He says that can’t wait for Miz TV tonight with Daniel Bryan. Bra claims that both he and The Fiend will be watching. Excellent stuff from Wyatt here, as always. High number 3.

Dolph & Roode argue with Corbin and he says he will fix things regarding Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman vs. The B Team & Drew Gulak is up next. Gulak cuts a promo and says he has a PowerPoint presentation regarding why he should replace Strowman on the Survivor Series team and mocks Strowman for losing to Fury. B Team and Gulak attack Strowman, who easily fights them off and takes them out as Gulak runs. No official match begins, it’simply Strowman dominating the trio. Our first low of the evening as all talents deserve better…

Bryan meets with Sami & Nakamura. Sami says that he wants an answer from Byan tonight regarding his offer to join them. They want Bryan with them, and Bryan says he’s been thinking about it, but if Sami truly had his back, why did he run away last week during The Fiend’s attack?. Sami says he thought Bryan was right behind him and that he was running to get Nakamura. Bryan refuses to join and suggests that he recruit Strowman instead. Sami mocks Braun, who is of course behind him. He begs off and leaves.

Up next, we have a Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: Champions The New Day vs. The Revival. The finish off the match sees The Revival suplex Big E onto the announce table, bring him back back into the ring and hit a Shatter Machine, it’s a two count though, as Kofi leaps in to make the save. Undisputed Era attack the champions for the DQ. Champions The New Day retain their Titles. Another high, as we saw a great match as always from these 4 stars. Decent ending with NXT making their presence known once again as Undisputed Era shock the SmackDown system, furthering the Survivor Series build.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley & Sasha Banks arrive, Bayley refers to herself as a force to be reckoned with. It’s all about her and she will crush Nikki’s dreams tonight. Banks says Nikki plays the victim so tonight. Bayley will go out by herself and let her do her thing.

We find out that week, it’ll Corbin. Dolph, & Roode facing off against Reigns. Ali, & Gable.

Non-Title Match: Champion Bayley vs. Nikki Cross: If Nikki wins, she gets to be on Team Smackdown. Nikki dumps Bayley to the outside, but Bayley slams her into the steps. Shayna Baszler shows up and Bayley runs away until fellow NXT women Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim, Dakota Kai, & Tegan Nox make their own presence known. Sasha Banks then attacks Shayna. The Smackdown women arrive and we get a big brawl going. Team Smackdown stands tall and Banks challenges them to a match.

Kai, Ripley, Nox, & Yim vs. Bank,. Nikki, Carmella, & Dana Brooke is up the ad break. The finish sees Nikki hitting Dakota Kai with The Purge for the win. Team Smackdown. Excellent little match, a high, as we got a little preview of Survivor Series and the match added to the women’s match for the PPV as Nikki picks up the win to earn her spot on Team SmackDown.

It’s time for the most must see talk show in WWE history, it’s time for… Miz TV with Daniel Bryan. Miz runs down recent events and brings out Bryan. Miz asks Bryan why the Fiend attacked him last week, Bryan refuses to answer. Miz says that the Fiend feels Bryan is unstable and confused. Miz wants to know who Bryan really is these days. Miz says that he thinks that The Fiend feels that Daniel Bryan is washed up and wants to end him.

Daniel Bryan says Miz TV sucks and always has sucked. Bryan says that Miz is right, he’s not the man he was 10 years ago and he might even be washed up. Daniel says that he still has passion, and tells Miz to shut up because no one understands. He could have rode out the Yes Movement, but passion and mental instability led him to do desperate things. Bryan calls Bray Wyatt unstable, and we don’t know who controls him or the Fiend.

The Firefly Funhouse theme plays and we see Bray on the big screen. Wyatt says Bryan is rude to speak of him while he isn’t there. Wyatt goes on to say that maybe the Fiend attacked to scare Bryan, to remind him about what he did, or maybe he just wants to play.

Bray breaks out some crazy toys from his toy box, and then the Universal Title. He asks if Bryan wants to play, and asks him to say that magical word. Bryan says no, but the puppets say YES. Bryan says that he won’t be going into the Funhouse, and he will not be playing with Bray Wyatt’s puppets.

Daniel says Bray or the Fiend has a problem with him and if that’s the case, then they should fight for the title at Survivor Series. Bray says yes, mocking the Bryan chants to close the show as Miz announces the match. The segment seemed a bit off towards the end, as if it wasn’t fully planned out or something, but it’s one more high of the episode, but it was a great segment and it’s excellent that we’re getting a dream match of Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt. They’re both incredible stars and could end up putting on match of the night at Survivor Series.

Highs – 6
Lows – 1