Highs and Lows of Friday Night SmackDown: Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans, The Revival and more

Posted on 13 December 2019
By Khyle Deen
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SmackDown kicks off with Miz TV. Miz says that he was supposed to interview Daniel Bryan, but because of last week’s actions by The Fiend, that will not be happening. Miz mentions that he and Daniel Bryan have never really seen eye to eye, and that they aren’t friends, but he believes that SmackDown needs Bryan. The Fiend tried to take that away last week. Miz says that he cares and wants to find out what happened.

Bray Wyatt appears in the funhouse, hanging up a picture of Bryan. Bray tells Miz that he doesn’t want to know what really happened, Wyatt says that he’s not even sure he wants to know. Bryan may be “with him,” and that “he” may not be done with him yet. He doesn’t think Bryan will make it to TLC, but maybe Miz wants to play instead.

Ramblin Rabbit appears and tells Miz to Run. Bray says family is the word of the day and that he used to have a family (we see a flashing pic of The Wyatt Family group), but now maybe he can join a new one. He holds up a pic of Miz, Maryse, and their kids. Miz rushes to the back.

Miz is seen on the phone with Maryse. He tells her that everything will be fine and to not panic, but to lock the doors. He says that he will do something about this, and is on his way home. – Really fantastic, hooking segment to kick off the show, great storytelling by all involved, nice bit of drama and intrigue. A clear high. SmackDown’s opening segments have been fantastic recently.

Alexa Bliss vs. Mandy Rose is the first match on the show. We see Sonya & Nikki at ringside. This was a quick match with some decent back and forth action. Bliss picked up the win hitting Twisted Bliss on Mandy Rose.- This match gets a high, they worked well together, there’ll prob be a tag team match next week, which woud probably be pretty great.

Following the ads, we see Drake Maverick questioning Dana Brooke about her date with Batista. Drake feels rejected, and asks what Batista has that he doesn’t. Elias arrives like last week, mocking Drake via song. Drake slaps him and runs.

Drake Maverick gets in the ring and says that nobody will disrespect his marriage and wife. Elias comes out, knocks him down a few times and spanks him… This isn’t good… Our first low.

We see The Miz walking out of the arena, but he sees red lights in a room and charges in. He notices a pic of Bray Photoshopped in with his family. Bray appears, lays out Miz and lays the pic on him.

#1 Contender’s Elimination Match: Ali & Chad Gable vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery. The New Day are on commentary. This was a fantastic match, the final two ending up being Gable and Ali vs The Revival. The match finished with The Revival nailing a Shatter Machine for the victory.

After the match, The Revival says that the games will be over at TLC. This is their business and livelihood, and that they will win back their titles with good old fashioned tag team wrestling.

We see Reigns being interviewed. Roman says he will go about his business tonight. He acknowledges that Corbin will be in Dolph’s corner, but the only thing humiliating is that Corbin can’t do it on his own. Reigns says that he will embarrass him at TLC.

We get another Sheamus vignette.

Lacey Evans vs. Jenny Boots & Tights is next, very quick, enhancement match with Lacey winning.

Sasha Banks arrives and runs down Lacey. Banks calls herself the blue print, the standard, and the leader of the women’s division. Banks says that Lacey is a pathetic Mary Poppins wanna be. Sasha tells Evans not not to mess with her or Bayley, she calls Lacey a a bad role model to her bratty little daughter.

Lacey tells Banks to never, ever mention her daughter again, she brings up the fact that she’s a former US Marine and that Sasha doesn’t want her putting those boots back on. Evans brings up how Banks & Bayley failed at Survivor Series and the Marines taught her about leadership and fighting.

They go face to face and Lacey scares Banks, who falls down. Bayley sneak attacks Lacey as she exits and Bayley and Banks beat down on Lacey to end the segment – Another high here, really great promo work from both women, really good continuation. When can we get the full studio version of Banks’ new theme though!?

It’s announced that Miz will face Bray Wyatt at the WWE TLC PPV.

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler is our main event, it was a great match. There was some back and forth action, usual ending though with Roman hitting a Spear for the win. Reigns’ matches always have a big match feel though, it was a high.

After the match, Reigns attacks Corbin, fighting off his throne carriers, but Corbin fights back but Reigns tosses him over the announce table. Roman looks for a powerbomb until Dolph superkicks him.

He handcuffs Reigns to the post as the throne guys help and Corbin lays in numerous striked to Reigns. Dolph joins in. They then take dog food and pour it over his head and smear it all over him. – This part was a bit crazy, it’ll be pretty cool to see Corbin get his comeuppance at TLC though.

Highs – 4

Lows – 1