Highs and Lows of Friday Night SmackDown – Otis catches Mandy Rose, Lacey Evans, Sheamus and more

Posted on 20 January 2020
By Khyle Deen
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The 17/1/20 edition of Friday Night SmackDown kicks off with The Big Red Machine Kane.

Kane talks about how his favourite event is fast approaching, the Royal Rumble. He says that you go through hell in the Rumble match, for a chane at immortality. Kane brings up how he holds the record for most eliminations throughout the span of his 17 Royal Rumble match appearances.

It’s Firefly Funhouse time as Bray shows up on screen, he says that he’s happy to see Kane, calling him a big bully, wanting him to apologise. We see that Ramblin’ Rabbit is alive, and recovering, basically on life support… awwwwww. Bray says that he doesn’t think Kane should want to win the Rumble, seeing as The Fiend is Champion. Bray reminds us that he previously took out Kane and that The Fiend will never forget their history – footage is shown of their past.

The lights go out in the arena and The Fiend appears from under the ring. Kane asks what took him so long. Daniel Bryan sneaks in and hits a running knee, The Fiend escapes back under the ring as Bryan pulls off some of The Fiend’s hair. – A decent segment, the first high of the show, it was quite cool to see Kane help out his old tag team partner Daniel Bryan here.

We then see Bryan being interviewed and talks about the Fiend running away from him. Bryan says that has an idea… challenging the Fiend to a strap match at the Rumble. He says that this may be a bad idea but that he’s sick of him running away, and that at the Rumble, he will change the Fiend and win the championship. – A second high, a great promo as per usual from Daniel Bryan.

John Morrison vs. Big E is up next, Morrison’s first WWE match in 9 years! We see Kofi & Miz at ringside. A decent match that sees Morrison hitting a highlight reel worthy dive onto Kofi on the outside. Morrison picks up the win hitting a memserising Starship Pain on Big E for the pinfall. – Great storyline continuity here, Miz and Morrison have back to back singles wins against New Day members, incoming Tag Team Title shot??? – Another high!

The Usos defeat The Revival next, in a quick but enjoyable match.

Backstage, we see The Revival get interviewed, they’re frustrated. They mention that they need to make a change since WWE doesn’t care about them or tag team wrestling. We quickly pan around the corner and see that Sasha is down as Bayley & Lacey are brawling.

We get a recap from Graves and Cole of the Otis & Mandy love saga. Sonya & Mandy are talking backstage and say 2020 will be their year. Sonya tells Mandy that she wonders why Mandy is being so nice to Otis. Sonya then asks Mandy to ask Otis to be at ringside tonight. – A high, this is a fun angle, for some reason or another, we’re all loving this and seeing where it goes.

Next, we see Bayley ranting about Lacey, as Sasha Banks is healing her injured ankle. Bayley says that she’s going to ensure that Lacey Evans becomes a stay at home mom. Producer Adam Pearce shows up and says that Bayley will have to take Sasha’s place in the match against Evans. – A high here, great work from both women.

Lacey Evans vs Bayley is next, a decent match that sees Evans hitting a Woman’s Right on Bayley out of nowhere for the win, quite an enjoyable match, setting up what’ll likely be a Women’s Title match at the PPV. Another high here.

Chad Gable, erm Shorty G, is interviewed after the break, about Sheamus’ attack when he returned. Shorty G says that he is not intimidated by Sheamus, and that’s because he has accepted who he is. Sheamus arrives and makes short jokes, which leads to a short but effective brawl. – This is a high, as it continues the angle, and let’s face it, backstage brawls are always great.

Next up, Braun Strowman announces that he’s in the Rumble, but that still wants the IC Title. He says that he beat Nakamura and deserves his shot. Our first low of the evening, Strowman is simply at his best when beating people up and being funny, not exactly when gunning for a Title.

Elias makes his way to the ring next, and says he needs the support of the fans in walking with Elias. He says that he has written a new song, he then sings about Greensboro until Nakamura interrupts, with Sami Zayn & Cesaro in tow. Zayn apologizes and talks about Braun wanting a title shot. He says that Nakamura doesn’t back down, but that he says no to Braun. He calls Braun a stupid oaf and adds that they call the shots around here. Zayn says that Nakamura is primed for the Rumble, a match that he’s previously won. Sami says that everybody in the Rumble match, is officially on notice. He says Elias can continue. Elias says that he wasn’t listening to a word Sami was saying, as he was busy writing another song all about Sami needing to shut up and Nakamura sucking. Sami rants at him and tells Cesaro to attack. Cesaro attacks, as Sami & Nakamura both in. Braun Strowman makes the save, clearing the ring.

Up next, we get a touching video package in honour of Rocky Johnson, who sadly passed away.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sonya Deville is next, with Otis, Tucker, Nikki Cross and Mandy Rose all at ringside. The finish sees Alexa laying into Sonya, Mandy distracts Bliss but gets knocked off the ropes, with Otis catching her lovingly (great comedic relief) Alexa then cradles Sonya for the win. Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville. A potential Fire n Desire split coming? Where does Otis fit in with all this? Hopefully we find out soon… This gets a high, for the story of it all.

Sheamus vs. Gable, and Lacey vs. Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Title, are made official for the Royal Rumble PPV.

Roman Reigns vs Robert Roode in the Tables Match is the main event: If Reigns wins, he picks the stipulation for his Royal Rumble match with Corbin, if Roode wins, Corbin picks the stipulation. The finish sees Ziggler and The Usos getting involed – with The Usos taking out Dolph. Reigns then spears Roode through the table for the win. Another high, as it was a pretty decent match, as the majority of Reigns matches are.

Reigns announces that his match with King Corbin at the Royal Rumble will be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Highs – 9

Lows – 1